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Videos from my property maintenance business.



  • You have to start somewhere or never get going

    Gene GoodmanGene Goodman5 timer siden
  • Great memorial vid of Levi , man’s best friend.

    steve etappsteve etapp5 timer siden
  • I'm a 57 year old woman who hates cutting the grass. Why am I here? And why am I so intrigued with this? My crochet subscriptions are probably wondering where the heck I am. Lol

    Proverbs 31Proverbs 315 timer siden
  • Rest high and easy Levi you’ll have a blast you will be missed a lot and no one can take your spot and sooner or later you will be reconnected and have more adventures that you can’t even express rest high! Andrew sorry for your lost he had a amazing fun adventureing life that will always be with him!

    xXbrandonXx24xXbrandonXx245 timer siden
  • Andrew, Sorry for your Loss, however Levi had an amazing journey with you. You always made time for him and that’s what makes you the Man you are, and why so many people follow your channel and why you deserve all the success you have earned. Rest easy Levi - you definitely had a great run !

    Burning_Turbo_DieselBurning_Turbo_Diesel5 timer siden

    David MulveyDavid Mulvey5 timer siden

    Meanold bonbonMeanold bonbon6 timer siden
  • Big bummer man.

    jerry garciajerry garcia6 timer siden
  • Sorry I'll miss him much tubs Andrew

    Lisa HokeLisa Hoke6 timer siden
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    danielle garzadanielle garza6 timer siden
  • Andrew you are a master ! Love how you make it happen.

    CjCj6 timer siden
  • I almost cried

    Mason JungiewiczMason Jungiewicz6 timer siden
    • No nvm I do cry

      Mason JungiewiczMason Jungiewicz6 timer siden
  • Ok so for this DIY project you’ll need a screwdriver, nut driver, air compressor, mini excavator, car jack, and some chain. All tools you can find around the house

    Cole OrangeCole Orange6 timer siden
  • That trailer your loading the logs on is something else.

    CjCj6 timer siden
  • frame damage?

    Manny From MiamiManny From Miami6 timer siden
  • oh andrew, so sorry to hear. losing a pet is just the worst, even when they've lived a good long life. it just isn't fair. i don't think i can make it through the video. levi was such a lovely little guy. edit: just wanted to add, i vividly remember the video shown @ 7:19. it's honestly what i imagine doggie heaven to be like. you did him right all the way through.

    Nunya BiznessNunya Bizness6 timer siden
  • Sorry for your loss ..

    Bruno saloioBruno saloio7 timer siden
  • So sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. I lost my little Princess in 2019. Still hurts.

    Wendy WhiteWendy White7 timer siden
  • Still has a couple big trees in front of the house by the hang out area.

    12wing Wfetech12wing Wfetech7 timer siden
  • That manoeuvre around the trees with the container. Ridiculous skills!

    dingbatjack1234dingbatjack12347 timer siden
  • Andrew so sorry to see the loss of Levi , my little dog just turned 14 . and the thought of losing her is unimaginable. Best wishes.

    sixduces1sixduces17 timer siden
  • You did s very good job and i am proud of you ok.god bless you my dear friend ok.

    Sharon swiley WhiteheadSharon swiley Whitehead7 timer siden
  • Yea, the dog looks happy riding along. But I bet his ribs were sore bouncing on the side there. Needs padding.

    ABD 2525ABD 25257 timer siden
  • Friend, I had a Labrador named Koda, he was very similar to Levi, only with a darker coat the color of Cody, he died of old age, but very sick, suffered a lot with arthrosis until his death, I was very sad because he was very my friend, as Levi was yours. When I started watching the videos, it initially caught my attention because of Levi, because it reminded me a lot of Koda. I'm sorry for this loss. (from the city of Curitiba, state of Paraná, Brazil)

    Leo MarcondesLeo Marcondes7 timer siden
  • a chainsaw would take the trees down faster than with his Bobcat

    headshottarget9headshottarget97 timer siden
    • A chain saw does not get the stumps out.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata7 timer siden
  • So sorry to here

    Cameron StaatsCameron Staats8 timer siden
  • Dang it! Such a big loss! I’m sorry Andrew!!

    Sixstring78Sixstring788 timer siden
  • Levi had the best life with you a dog could ever wish for..R.I.P Levi

    Mike CooperMike Cooper8 timer siden
  • Good job !

    roger boudreauroger boudreau8 timer siden
  • What do you feed him? Lmfao

    White DominoWhite Domino8 timer siden
  • Ah, man. He lived a good long life. Fur babies are wonderful

    Snowbunny42 ASnowbunny42 A8 timer siden
  • I'd scoop one. Levi lived a wonderous life

    White DominoWhite Domino8 timer siden
  • I’m sorry for your loss I know what it’s like

    Kyle OdenthalKyle Odenthal8 timer siden
  • Sorry for your loss Andrew.

    Cristobal LopezCristobal Lopez8 timer siden
  • Pareciera que la maquinaria , para Camarata es un juguete. Inventa todo tipo de trabajos para usar casi todas tractores, niveladoras, Backhoe etc. Saludos

    Luis Fernando RodríguezLuis Fernando Rodríguez8 timer siden
  • been watching your vids. you should invest in an impact screw driver. simple but they work

    Josh DeuelJosh Deuel8 timer siden
  • It really did a great job

    Cherolyn WolfCherolyn Wolf9 timer siden
  • i would have use the crane

    Joe CorchJoe Corch9 timer siden
    • Yeah you're right that roof was pretty brittle it was not coming down in one piece

      Joe CorchJoe Corch6 timer siden
    • This thing is easier to move than the crane.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata6 timer siden
  • Oh and one more thing those 211 people who dislike this video you have a cold heart because this was not just a dog it was family and that dog is the best friend you could ever have because humans are mean and can turn on you just like that and a dog will forgive you no matter what you do to it bad or good and he was not just family to Andrew he was are family to.

    Alyson HigginsAlyson Higgins9 timer siden
  • I really enjoy watching Andrews videos and enjoy watching the Labs play. Although I draw the line on feeding a dog with the food utensil I'm using at the time. Do some research on people that have lost their arms and legs due to a bacteria infection from simply a dog licking them. They eat dead decaying animals and lick their private parts, so no thanks.

    NLINE7NLINE79 timer siden
    • @Andrew Camarata Not trying to be gross, just telling it like it is. Do your research and you'll see. Again I enjoy your video's, but I draw the line on my original statement above.

      NLINE7NLINE75 timer siden
    • Its healthy to be gross.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata6 timer siden
  • Cool 👍👍

    AnimalAndroidAnimalAndroid9 timer siden
  • Sorry for your loss. Levi will be missed.

    Warner WellsWarner Wells9 timer siden
  • Throw the whole thing in the freezer and the bearing should come out easier

    Sean CrawfordSean Crawford9 timer siden
  • Bravo !!

    roger boudreauroger boudreau9 timer siden
  • so sorry for your loss, he's gone to a better place in dog heaven

    GamerFly666GamerFly6669 timer siden
  • Bye Levi you sure were a fun dog to watch. Sorry Andrew I know it hurts. I lost 2 dogs in my lifetime too.

    JJ9 timer siden
  • Sorry for your loss Andrew. He will be missed by many, I'm thankful you were willing to share your friend with all of us over the years.

    Black Raven RanchBlack Raven Ranch9 timer siden
  • As some one who is dying I was hard hit. I watched him grow up. I loved him

    Stewart SmithStewart Smith9 timer siden
  • Sorry about Levi. He seemed like a really great dog.

    Mike JacksonMike Jackson9 timer siden
  • sorry for your loss losing a pet is like losing a family member

    david watermandavid waterman9 timer siden
  • Rip Levi the goodest off boys

    Chuck NorisChuck Noris9 timer siden
  • hi my name is Alyson and my dads name is Aron are dog just past away too. I am so sorry and lots of love me and my dad watch you all the time and we love your dogs so much they are what keep you up and running dad and I cried when we found out that Levi was gone well my Moe and your Levi are up there with god hope they become friends.

    Alyson HigginsAlyson Higgins10 timer siden
  • Enjoy watching it from New Brunswick 🇨🇦

    roger boudreauroger boudreau10 timer siden
  • Bless you, your doggie lived incredibly :) godspeed!

    Edward MyersEdward Myers10 timer siden
  • My heart pines for y’all. Always happy and glad do see you.! Someone asked me a long time ago, “do you think dogs go to heaven?” I replied they show love and compassion-Absolutely I believe they go to heaven!

    Tim PerkinsTim Perkins10 timer siden
  • Andrew, I felt the same way when my dog passed away, he was a rat terrier and still miss him to this day... 2004 - 2016

    Will HumbleWill Humble10 timer siden
  • Sorry for your loss

    David GetzyDavid Getzy10 timer siden
  • Sorry for your loss, you two had lots of adventures together

    Jerry CallJerry Call10 timer siden
  • RIP Levi. The boss will always be present in each new project. checking that everything is correct. RIP. LEVI.

    eltioxokomolokoeltioxokomoloko10 timer siden
  • Andrew, so sorry man!! Dogs are without doubt a family member and so very close to our hearts... It was heartwarming to see him in your videos and the care and respect you gave him was tremendous. I know Cody will have the same life and what a surrounding to grow up in, no wonder Levi lived so long.... he has been immortalised in these videos for as long as the internet sorry once again.. Iain, Glasgow

    Iain ChalmersIain Chalmers11 timer siden
  • Just a suggestion Turn around and hook the chain over the top of your blade and lift the end of the container up 10/12”. Then as you back up the end of the container will not plow into the ground and hopefully not tear up the insulation on the bottom. They should have had it pulled before insulation was done. As many of these containers as you move, would it be helpful to make an axle to put underneath with angle iron that you can put a couple of screws in to hold it. Thus rolling instead of dragging, just an idea. Stay safe

    Gene GoodmanGene Goodman11 timer siden
  • I'm spoing my dog right now after seeing your beautiful levi

    Wayne ColapreteWayne Colaprete11 timer siden
  • Your trolleys can handle total of 8 tons, 4 tons on each end. Your beam can handle a point load at center of no more than about 2 tons before it will bend.

    S AS A11 timer siden
  • wet wet wet )))

    МихаилМихаил11 timer siden
  • Sorry to hear that myfriend I've been their many times it hurts bad i know

    Wayne ColapreteWayne Colaprete11 timer siden
  • I love dogs but I hate this part.

    Charles HolmesCharles Holmes11 timer siden
  • haha nasty asf you ain’t fixed nothing an i also need my other payment please mamn

    DiamondR PeruDiamondR Peru11 timer siden
  • Sorry for your loss

    Sam ToselandSam Toseland11 timer siden
  • There are never enough words of comfort for the loss of a loved one. Especially for the loved ones of the four legged type. All they give is unconditional love....and ask for nothing in return, it was obvious that Levi lived a full, active and happy are to be commended on providing that life for him. Sorry for you loss Andrew. RIP Levi.

    Pete BloniaszPete Bloniasz12 timer siden
  • Hunters take note! Wash well, add 200 lbs. of moose meat/ 50 lbs. of pork meat and fat/ spices and oameal. Mix well and make sausages.

    kanaka mankanaka man12 timer siden
  • This video and channel deserves a sub and a lilke

    Elliott TurcotteElliott Turcotte12 timer siden
  • I was very sorry

    eniz dündareniz dündar12 timer siden
  • Lovely memorial, sorry for your loss. You gave him your love and a great life. May you always be blessed.

    Betty FBetty F13 timer siden
  • rest in peace furry friend!

    xaapxaap13 timer siden
  • In Europe all small roads are plowed with tractors.

    MrMadnessMrMadness13 timer siden
  • Very slow. Too much inutile footages from nothing... like trucks being voided... improve your film.

    Milton DiasMilton Dias13 timer siden
  • Lo siento mucho aunque no sea en tu idioma el dolor al perder a una mascota y parte de la familia mucho animo

    Vicente Vega RozadaVicente Vega Rozada13 timer siden