Buying a wheel loader

Buying a new to me Cat 930 wheel loader, greasing it, then moving some dirt.




  • You seem like you like Cat equipment. Are they pretty reliable?

    Thomas SearsThomas SearsDag siden
  • Love the company logo on the truck, Andrew!

    beernutsonlinebeernutsonline4 dager siden
  • When i was working a wheel loader i found it best drive into the material then lower the bucket as you tilted it towards you. The stuff I was loading tended to fall out of the bucket as soon as you tilted the bucket. I found out when I was actually loading dirt you got more into the bucket using the same technique. I miss operating wheel loaders.

    CakeCake5 dager siden
  • came to watch the project, stayed for the synthwave music

    ryan kellerryan keller6 dager siden
  • Sorry for your loss man.

    Lake George Shingle ShineLake George Shingle Shine6 dager siden
  • Next thing to buy should be a "medium large" chipper. Biggest I've used was 12 hp so perhaps double that or whatever a smaller tree service uses.

    rowland martinrowland martin6 dager siden
  • Am I the only one to think there are far too many adverts?

    mrbmremrn23mrbmremrn236 dager siden
  • 16:34 Some of the saddest words you will hear, RIP Levi.

    Andrew Yang's HologramAndrew Yang's Hologram7 dager siden
    • Yes ! Levi pass away June 4, 2021, two days before his 15th birthday. So very sad. Andrew is definitely going to miss his fur child son ,sidekick ,trusted companion and Job Site Supervisor. Levi ,had a wonderful life because of Andrew. RIP Levi 🙏🙏🙏❤ May God Bless Andrew and little brother Cody.

      WinGate MoseWinGate Mose6 dager siden
    • So sad Levi passed almost exactly a week later. Goes to show you never know. But we know he had a great life, most of it is on video. Great guy, great dog. Cody has some big paw prints to fill.

      SoupToasterSoupToaster6 dager siden
  • You could of did that in 1 hour if you had a real crawler loader.

    Jeff PanettaJeff Panetta7 dager siden
  • 1Mil subs!!!!! So close

    Don GDon G7 dager siden
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    Jazmin SifuentesJazmin Sifuentes8 dager siden
  • lovin' the new? company logo on the dumptruck door. You should be selling hats and shirts with it if you aren't already

    realrayrarealrayra8 dager siden
  • CBD drops for dog from Charlottes Web online can greatly reduce pain from arthritis, gi issues, other problems. Just a suggestion. Love the channel, found you from the Castle Project - Chuck Palahniuk's book of short stories covered 3 men in the US that built castles, a great read.

    Rad ChickRad Chick8 dager siden
  • I wonder who's operating the drone or if it has some kind of autopilot thing because he's not controlling it when he's on the wheel loader

    JordanMatthew AndersonJordanMatthew Anderson8 dager siden
  • Doing 67 hours a week on a loader for a long time, your loader operating was painful to watch. But that's just me I'm a picky bastard when it comes to loaders!

    tim fagantim fagan9 dager siden
    • @Andrew Camarata all good man, you'll get better, I was going to say its probably the 1st time you've ran that loader, but I hit the send button before I typed it. Keep up the good work, certainly no way near the worst operating I've ever seen.

      tim fagantim fagan9 dager siden
    • This was my first time operating this loader.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata9 dager siden
  • Yeah Andrew camarata, the timelapse of your videos is incredible, also your buddy looks a little bit adult than the other guy.

    Steve Jobs MichelSteve Jobs Michel9 dager siden
  • Whomever is flying the drone is doing a great job of recording you working, Andrew!! Cheers to Her, I hope!! It is always nice to be or have a helpmate!!

    Jimmy TjomslandJimmy Tjomsland10 dager siden
  • Backup alarm is missing/unhooked? Next step up as the business grows will be ... a 980 and then a 988. FWIW ... The 988 is the cash-cow for Caterpillar, much like the D10.

    MIGuyMIGuy10 dager siden
    • @Andrew Camarata Congrats on the GIANT step. No need to even think about THE 992. The next thing to match up with the 988 for max productivity is a CAT 769 truck... or a CAT articulated dump truck to start with. Enjoying your out-of-box problem solving. :-)

      MIGuyMIGuy7 dager siden
    • Funny you mentioned that. I just put a deposit on a 988b

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata10 dager siden
  • Rip Levi ;'(

    MrCopyrightableMrCopyrightable11 dager siden
  • Levi baby you getting old papi

    Angel CarrionAngel Carrion11 dager siden
  • Andrew your videos are starting to look blurry and you always do good video so why are they coming out like this

    Angel CarrionAngel Carrion11 dager siden
    • Looks clear to me. If you are on mobile NOcds updated the app where it doesn’t show the exact quality you have to go into advanced

      Seth’s bike hacksSeth’s bike hacks8 dager siden
    • This is crystal clear 5k video. Make sure you have it set to 5k. or the max your display is capable of.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata11 dager siden
  • Awesome dogs! And nice loader too😉

    AZVIDSAZVIDS11 dager siden
  • Great drone videos!

    Tony 2026Tony 202611 dager siden
  • Is it bad I wanted something to break. For video watching purposes

    zirzmokealot4600zirzmokealot460011 dager siden
  • i feel a tad disappointed that you didnt disassemble the engine but happy for the great buy

    R RR R12 dager siden
  • U need to update the lights on it

    Justin HenryJustin Henry13 dager siden
  • Good job but way to much adverts spoiling the vlog

    Byron RobertsByron Roberts13 dager siden
    • Now days even if he turns the ads off they will still be there he just won’t get paid from it

      Seth’s bike hacksSeth’s bike hacks8 dager siden
    • I think you love the adverts to much

      Chris WilliamsChris Williams12 dager siden
  • Thought u said Cody on the video. I was gonna say Cody really put on some years.

    Robert NavarraRobert Navarra13 dager siden
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    Engelbert RottmanEngelbert Rottman13 dager siden
  • Great footage there especially by drone while backfilling house!

    Jack ZeilsdorffJack Zeilsdorff13 dager siden
  • Levi still working well into his retirement but still wants to supervise and do inspections. That’s dedication. 👏🏻 🍻

    Sam RichardsSam Richards13 dager siden
  • these sweeping drone shots make me feel like i'm watching a Michael Bay cut of you moving dirt

    Ice KingIce King13 dager siden
  • Andrew is the Pied Piper of earth moving equipment! It's all slowly migrating towards him ;-)

    SpiderElectronSpiderElectron13 dager siden
  • It seems to me that Andrew could have used his pea green big dozer and gotten this job done in significantly less time. Other than it being a new toy to play with, is there a reason why the wheel loader was a better implement for this job?

    rick8928rick892814 dager siden
  • That grease pumping sound is satisfying

    David ShamiriDavid Shamiri14 dager siden
  • Did you notice the stack falling off right away or did you miss running it over a few times. Didn’t take long to inspect it once you found it.

    Bill BadleyBill Badley14 dager siden
  • Clearly, the loader is in good shape, so i am happy for you. But i gotta admit, I was expecting a long video fixing all the things required to get it in tip top shape..

    richardtturichardttu14 dager siden
  • Love the camera work!

    Carl HarrisCarl Harris14 dager siden
  • My brother has a Cat 910 loader with the hydraulic quick attach. He can switch between forks and the bucket in a matter of minutes. Nice old loader.

    Andy BaylissAndy Bayliss14 dager siden
  • Time to get a box and plow some bigger places in the winter

    Brian LemeryBrian Lemery14 dager siden
  • Andrew has ALL of my childhood Tonka toys.

    Rush AustinRush Austin14 dager siden
  • I was wondering how old Levi is. Doing good for 15 years I’d say.

    Trent ArbeauTrent Arbeau14 dager siden
  • Now he needs his own rock pit or dirt pit

    Tommy PateTommy Pate14 dager siden
  • I gotta say, awesome camera work man.

    EelkeEelke14 dager siden
  • We call that "fill" dirt "top soil" where I live.

    Frank HazzardFrank Hazzard14 dager siden
  • can you repaint that color to its original color and teach us about paint mixing and clear coat

    O BazaarO Bazaar15 dager siden
  • it doesnt go bepp bepp in reverse....?

    O BazaarO Bazaar15 dager siden
  • Love the red diesel

    Doctor OopsDoctor Oops15 dager siden
  • Can't wait for the videos when he buys a semi and a lowboy.

    underoath4177underoath417715 dager siden
  • Hi I woch your videos everyday tell the team I said hi and I woch thor videos everyday I love you guys I love the video

    John GlowkaJohn Glowka15 dager siden
  • hey andrew why does the bucket looks smaller and dont they come with teeth on it

    Bruce BonkowskiBruce Bonkowski15 dager siden
  • sure could use you in my yard Andrew mmmm front tire right side needs more air in it lolz , lotta love Tc

    Quix stationQuix station15 dager siden
  • Really enjoyed video. Nice job

    Sylvia PrudhommeSylvia Prudhomme15 dager siden
  • I like your dogs. I hope Levi is in good health.

    TheWuFinancialTheWuFinancial15 dager siden
  • more proof that just because you can buy a shovel doesn't mean you know how to use it.

    irenchirench15 dager siden
  • Did you trade you wife to get the loader ?

    Ben StahBen Stah15 dager siden
  • Good Ole CAT 930 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tidy looking Machine !!, Worth Painting !!!!!!!!

    James LindleyJames Lindley15 dager siden
  • I could watch an hour you moving dirt!

    TheSphatTheSphat15 dager siden
  • 13:38 wow - that's a Hollywood shot right there!

    DavenHDavenH15 dager siden
  • Hate the flying around video. If it ain’t broke......

    ShedShed15 dager siden
  • I'd say Andrew nade a good purchase. Love seeing Levi in the videos; he's a great dog.

    Ken C.Ken C.15 dager siden
  • Andrew's filming skills are amazing

    Ken C.Ken C.15 dager siden
  • From looks of it, needs a counterweight or added counterweight, them rear wheels started floating, plus don't know if that model does but the steering wheel should come down, either lever near steering wheel or older models at the bottom.

    drokky1234drokky123415 dager siden
    • @Andrew Camarata they were lifting bud, you can see it where the tyre go circular instead of squashed, meaning more weight over the front, you would feel it in your steering, I drive a cat 938m with a extended arm no extra counter weight, you feel the rear float abit or just start going light, I mean for jobs like these no biggy, but if you gonna be driving up and down ramps with a full bucket I would look at extra counter weight, not criticising, just trying to be helpful 😁

      drokky1234drokky123410 dager siden
    • When did the rear wheels ever start floating? It does have the steering tilt.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata15 dager siden
  • I know it made for video content ,but why did the trucks dump so far from where the fill was to go ? Looks like they had lots of room to turn around and the grounds fairly level. A make work project? Been a long time since I was in a CAT loader, 1984 ,Norman Wells, NWT. 988

    capebretonengineer 101capebretonengineer 10115 dager siden
  • that fill looks lumpy! Hope Andrew is not responsible for its compaction around the house

    George HorneGeorge Horne15 dager siden
  • 👍👍👍👍💪💪 Caterpillar is the best and a lion is always a lion even if it is old

    Ehsan topEhsan top16 dager siden
  • Screened loam?

    Nicola inikkorNicola inikkor16 dager siden
  • I only liked the video for levi's 15th birthday, rest of the video was boring.

    SparkyDabs710SparkyDabs71016 dager siden
  • The dog needs arthritis pain meds

    John TurnerJohn Turner16 dager siden
  • Your next investment should be an industrial compressor to blow all dirt off the machinery

    John TurnerJohn Turner16 dager siden
  • Not that I mind but where’s the reverse “beep, beep, beep”?

    PiedFiferPiedFifer16 dager siden
  • Happy 15 to Levy! My boy Pal(also a yellow) made it to 14 but left me last July.

    david baileydavid bailey16 dager siden
  • That machine sounds AWESOME thru my Bose 35 headphones

    david baileydavid bailey16 dager siden
  • Interesting camera angle

    david baileydavid bailey16 dager siden
  • Wil you fix it up with lights an such

    Farming 4 LifeFarming 4 Life16 dager siden
  • Add another piece to the AC arsenal. I wonder if Levi would take to one of those dog-wheelchair things they make for dogs with bad rear hips. He looks to be struggling a bit.

    psidviciouspsidvicious16 dager siden
  • I hope this guy has a wife

    MTNationMTNation16 dager siden
  • We need a companion pressure wash and paint job now. Maybe two or three of your newer Camarata fleet acquisitions done together at the same time.

    Don ChallengerDon Challenger16 dager siden
  • Andrew, a very nice finish, the ascending drone shot over forest land: A beautiful spring coming into summer and yet sadly a winter's bite is also inevitably on the way. Always nice to see your Levi.

    Don ChallengerDon Challenger16 dager siden
  • Great machine!

    ThomasThomas16 dager siden
  • #AndrewCamarata Look like it may need a little extra weight on the rear

    dogb8tdogb8t16 dager siden
  • happy birthday levi...

    robert ruettingrobert ruetting16 dager siden
  • @ 3:44 I see you Andrew!! haha

    Cohen GCohen G16 dager siden
  • That old Caterpillar got air brakes

    salt life 04salt life 0416 dager siden
  • You're getting into highway maintenance equipment territory here. You may have to learn how to pave roads next. Not crazy how many huge chunks of concrete were in that fill dirt that guy got.

    TinderboxTinderbox16 dager siden
  • the only million sub YTer who does not ask for money..class act..thank you Andrew...think patronage has hurt YT..imo

    iamrichrockeriamrichrocker16 dager siden
  • Andrew still no grease refill after all those years? You had that thing a long time already back when you just had 30k subs.. 🤣👍

    RottenmeierRottenmeier16 dager siden
  • Something so pleasing about red diesel

    Billy Bob ThorntonBilly Bob Thornton17 dager siden
  • Good ol Levi sure has had a great life with you. Love your channel Andrew.

    Darwin DwelleDarwin Dwelle17 dager siden
  • love it

    GREEK GODSGREEK GODS17 dager siden
  • You might find better weight distribution by backing it onto your trailer!!! If you were working for me I would be giving you a little lecture about spinning the tires when your filling the bucket:)

    Bold GuyBold Guy17 dager siden
  • whats the purpose of greasing a machine?

    Janoy CrezvaJanoy Crezva17 dager siden
    • It lubricates it. It is designed to be greased about every 10 hours of operation. If it is not greased, things will wear out, get sloppy, and eventually start breaking.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata17 dager siden
  • Recut the tires!!

    Billy HighfillBilly Highfill17 dager siden
  • Wondering about how he did those camera panning shots. Andrew running a drone and a loader at the same time? A cameraman? Cody?

    Travis BoscoTravis Bosco17 dager siden
    • Someone else was flying the drone.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata17 dager siden
  • Awesome it brandused.

    nitrofish1974nitrofish197417 dager siden
  • Great shots in this video and I could listen to that loader all day

    pollarddisposalpollarddisposal17 dager siden
  • I wonder what he charged for doing a job like this? How dedicated can you be? The man was still moving dirt after sunset! Love the work man.

    Boomer JoeBoomer Joe17 dager siden
  • It needs some paint. Forget the CAT yellow. You have enough machines where you should get a color and paint them all the same. Maybe match the color of the container castle. #BRANDING

    AlAl17 dager siden
  • Which Drone were you using to film this video? And were you flying it while working? Or was someone else flying and taking the video?

    Alton ColemanAlton Coleman17 dager siden
    • Mavic 2, someone was flying it.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata17 dager siden
  • That's a big beast.

    Julia TownsendJulia Townsend17 dager siden