Making an excavator swale bucket

Making a swale bucket for an excavator then digging some drainage trenches.

Weld on ears:
Metal saw:
Small Welder:
Big welder:




  • You know your talented when you can make a excavator bucket out of metal laying around

    Casey MCasey M4 dager siden
  • date wise

    Roberta ChristeenRoberta Christeen6 dager siden
  • levi passed not long after this video

    Roberta ChristeenRoberta Christeen6 dager siden
  • sorry to hear about levi for Levi the dog, he lived 6-6-2006 to 6-4-2021 he was the best dog ever

    Roberta ChristeenRoberta Christeen6 dager siden
  • Andrew you should contact a fabrication company to produce these buckets of your design

    Keaton sparks  ( trucks trains and vlogsKeaton sparks ( trucks trains and vlogs7 dager siden
  • Top job Andrew ,, but you won't be satisfied till you have cutting edges and teeth welded on it ,, hahaha..

    Russell ClementRussell Clement7 dager siden
  • lock Andrew and Ave in a machine shop for 2 weeks, see what they make.

    Slade The OriginalSlade The Original9 dager siden
  • How many people do you know keep a mig welder in their living room.

    Dan KreogerDan Kreoger15 dager siden
  • Andrew love the bucket idea for trenching but what about a bucket plow design that would move the soil aside as you pull bucket back I am betting you could design something like that and market it .

    James CrowleyJames Crowley15 dager siden
  • glad to see comment from diesel creek

    Eric WilkinsonEric Wilkinson16 dager siden
  • ri andrew love your vides would like to see your eqipment covered up alot of money inthe open

    Eric WilkinsonEric Wilkinson16 dager siden
  • So much for just cleaning leaves start having too much fun with the new toy lol I know how it is good job though

    jamie carvalhojamie carvalho16 dager siden
  • That bucket on the bench almost looks like the castle! Idea? Build a model of the castle in steel and auction it of!

    Robert DominiczakRobert Dominiczak16 dager siden
  • Looks great only suggestion I would have is rocks to the uphill dirt to the downhill when possible allows roadbed to drain and will give way like a levy if it gets in a down pour flood situation. Again awesome job on the bucket

    Jeff HJeff H18 dager siden
  • You should have used the plasma cutter early on. 🙂

  • Best collection of big boy toys I’ve ever seen 👏🏼

    Chip WoodsChip Woods21 dag siden
  • @16:58 you are welcome, DUM DUM DUMDUM!

    aleksikuusiniemialeksikuusiniemi21 dag siden
  • That’s another beauty. Next I suppose you’ll fit some teeth on it.

    Woody WoodlsteinWoody Woodlstein23 dager siden
  • Interesting build, well executed. You never let me down !! lol

    Maurice Keith JohnsonMaurice Keith Johnson25 dager siden
  • The older dog says “I got to get away from this crazy pup before he knocks me in the damn water.😂

    Matt MorrisMatt Morris27 dager siden
  • I can only imagine the things this guy did as a kid! I’ll bet his parents had to keep an eye on him.😂

    Matt MorrisMatt Morris27 dager siden
  • Good evening, where is this country?

    وطني الغاليوطني الغالي28 dager siden
  • Just incase you didnt hear, Joe biden and the democrats stole the election. sorry its been a while.

    David CarrollDavid CarrollMåned siden
  • How does this guy put out such amazing videos?

    Robert DominiczakRobert DominiczakMåned siden
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    smulugeta2000smulugeta2000Måned siden
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    بنوته حليوه بنوته حليوهبنوته حليوه بنوته حليوهMåned siden
  • I shall just clear some leaves and bedrock ✌🕹

    Davidnumber23Davidnumber23Måned siden
  • That was fun let’s dig another ditch

    Chris BarnesChris BarnesMåned siden
  • csc Shopcsc ShopMåned siden
  • You live in a very nice paradise for dogs and man!! Well done Andrew.

    67 C1067 C10Måned siden
  • Here I am, watching this vid for the second time. See you in some months guys

    MaxMaxMåned siden
  • Raise your hand if you’re green with envy after watching Andrew 🙋🏼‍♂️

    GRWGRWMåned siden
  • بصراحة شغلة نظيف ومرتب وكلشي متوفر لدية🤙🤙🤙

    محمد الزهرانيمحمد الزهرانيMåned siden
  • 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙انت فنان وشغلك اصلي

    محمد الزهرانيمحمد الزهرانيMåned siden
  • You need to wear a mask, Andrew.

    metparkermetparkerMåned siden
  • Does Andrew has a wife or he just lives by himself ?

    Mike KMike KMåned siden
  • sehr gut!!

    Angelo PauloAngelo PauloMåned siden
  • I just seen Levi in this video obviously still alive That's great also I sure wish I had one of those buckets when I was digging irrigation ditches when I was a kid My lord did have saved me a lot of back breaking work

    Edward KennardEdward KennardMåned siden
  • I have just got to watch all of the older videos and I don't see Levi in the newer ones did he pass away and if he did I am very sorry to hear it Andrew he was your partner in crime and is hard to lose a family member

    Edward KennardEdward KennardMåned siden
  • @andrew Whats the Trackname from 17:00 ?

    Der VerschraubungstheoretikerDer VerschraubungstheoretikerMåned siden
  • He used like 10 things to cut the metal

    Gv SpirgasGv SpirgasMåned siden
  • Andrew,great fabrication work!!!!👍👍 That bucket works fantastic!!🥇🏆 Should have made one years ago huh?😉 Really would have been handy for all the drainage jobs you get!!!🚜🤘🤘

    larannar123larannar123Måned siden
  • almost 2 million views, and only 49k thumbs up?

    Harry CaneHarry CaneMåned siden
  • Andrew, I addicted to watching you everyday you are so successful person with your jobs you have ✅ thank you for recording those videos.

    Mo HaMo HaMåned siden
  • Well done are you considering adding teeth?

    Bill MossBill MossMåned siden
  • You do such a nice job on so many different things! Very nice bucket built right out of the metal you already had pile.

    Tim EbertTim EbertMåned siden
  • Let's see your friend drinking a cup of tea, what do you say

    Mustafa BulutMustafa BulutMåned siden
  • The MadMax force is strong in this one ...

    bea kittelscherzbea kittelscherzMåned siden
  • What did u today?

    robert lukenbillrobert lukenbillMåned siden
  • 28:01 is this how you're supposed to use an excavator? Looks like a good way to bend a hydraulic cilinder

    Netherlands031Netherlands031Måned siden
  • Painted right over the rust and mill scale, just like equipment trailer manufacturers...

    GeneGeneMåned siden
  • I truly believe Andrew can make anything.

    Opulent GamingOpulent GamingMåned siden
  • That was a priceless petrified tree containing scientific knowledge found no where else. You just destroyed it. Whats more, with that gone erosion on your property will increase and your little mountain will soon wash away. Your hydraulic hammer needs some cool off time every few seconds so don't run it for long periods.

    fred sanfordfred sanfordMåned siden
  • The short cutting edge on the bottom is going to wear out first. Make a sacrificial edge and bolt it to the bottom with say an inch or two protruding. When that edge wears out spin the edge around and wear out that side until its time to make a new one. The sacrificial edge would be say six inches wide bar stock with a 22-1/2 degree edge on both sides. Make sure the bolt pattern will enable the edge to propel when side one wears out. Then side two can be used. Of course the idea is to make the base edge last indefinitely.

    fred sanfordfred sanfordMåned siden
  • I have those same saw horses, seems they don't mind some welding table duty.

    midwest workshopmidwest workshopMåned siden
  • That's a nice bucket, but that saw impresses the hell out of me and now I want one

    Rick BaskettRick BaskettMåned siden
  • Good job sir!!! You make this look easy

    MADDOG13R1MADDOG13R1Måned siden
  • You have some great dogs!

    Straight WhiskeyStraight Whiskey2 måneder siden
  • Nobody ever made me feel as lazy and stupid as you do! But I can't stop watching your videos...:-)

    steve vermillionsteve vermillion2 måneder siden
  • here in East Yorkshire, UK, our swales are 10 foot deep and 10 foot wide by Government decree in order to drain the low lying marshy land. All dug by hand in 1750s !

    Rose WhiteRose White2 måneder siden
  • Looks very nice great job buddy

    Michael KoonMichael Koon2 måneder siden
  • Who can possibly watch this video and say that men are not more intelligent than women? This is pure intelligence people! This was not taught by sitting in a classroom in front of a teacher and a chalkboard.

    Jarrell Neriah SHaMaHJarrell Neriah SHaMaH2 måneder siden
  • That work real nice

  • 37:08 hoe verniel ik mijn zelfgemaakte bak!?

    Aquaria en Tuin voor de FunAquaria en Tuin voor de Fun2 måneder siden
  • you made that excavator bucket super neat man, really cool that you do so much yourself, keep it up, with all the cool work, greetings from the Netherlands

    UncleSheavyUncleSheavy2 måneder siden
  • Top

    ricardo gil Cabo Frio rjricardo gil Cabo Frio rj2 måneder siden
  • that new bucket worked very well

    Harry taylorHarry taylor2 måneder siden
  • very good nice to have the tools for making your own attachments

    Harry taylorHarry taylor2 måneder siden
  • good work

    Billy O'HaraBilly O'Hara2 måneder siden
  • What do you feed that pup? Very energetic.....

    Ed MatthewsEd Matthews2 måneder siden
  • Gold in that bed rock......get ya a good metal detector and check that area out.

    Ed MatthewsEd Matthews2 måneder siden
  • That bucket does a nice job

    Thunder RoadThunder Road2 måneder siden
  • Dam! That Jack hammer works good!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    fw1421fw14212 måneder siden
  • The Florida pool pump motor repair guy approved ! that was good info

    Jay FinkeJay Finke2 måneder siden
  • The place looks nice and clean-Good Job. Get some heat in there....

    John RiggenbachJohn Riggenbach2 måneder siden
  • I need this bucket right now.

    Michael MurphyMichael Murphy2 måneder siden
  • next project a fireman's pole from the top floor all the way down & a winch operated elevator for Levi (the spiral stairs case is taking a toll on him)

    Mr. SteveMr. Steve2 måneder siden

    Virginia MouaVirginia Moua2 måneder siden
    • NOcds adds that automatically. I don't talk much in these videos though.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata2 måneder siden

    gary meyersgary meyers2 måneder siden
  • And then there was SHALE !!!

    Chris VenningChris Venning2 måneder siden
  • The rock over there is insane. I couldn't imagine trying to till out garden there!

    7R9R97R9R92 måneder siden
  • i am surpised that your not worried about your work bench

    Progamer 7878Progamer 78782 måneder siden

    Michael PeachMichael Peach2 måneder siden

    Michael PeachMichael Peach2 måneder siden
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    guillaume tesseurguillaume tesseur2 måneder siden
  • He must have a great dad! Very creative, highly skilled... right on!

    Steven G.C.Steven G.C.2 måneder siden
  • Very good work here - you really know your stuff!

    Ivan KinsmanIvan Kinsman3 måneder siden
  • This really brings back great memories of snowmobiling in the 70's and 8-'s...enjoy your youth, it goes by so fast it seems.

    Done Done itDone Done it3 måneder siden
  • @andrew camarata You sir, are reckless and dangerous when handling power tools/electric tools _--. This video will prove to you why, lol, you have no form of clamp holding down those plates, yes I get their heavy, but dont be foolish enough to think YOUR not PUSHING hard enough on a skillsaw --_ thats WHY your cut didnt work btw... if you had taken the time to put down just 2 clamps, or even just 1, that would have NEVER happen. Just dont be dumb -_-

    shaints3shaints33 måneder siden
    • Everything I do is safe. You must be very dangerous to you're self and everyone around you. You clearly don't know what's safe from what is not.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata3 måneder siden
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    olivia avaolivia ava3 måneder siden
  • Came out great!!

    Dumpster MarcusDumpster Marcus3 måneder siden
  • круто хорошо получилось

    александр елохиналександр елохин3 måneder siden
  • Need a couple digging teeth on the bottom flat plate

    trucksavagetrucksavage3 måneder siden
  • You should look into french drains, basically a trench with a perforated pipe going straight down it, fill the trench half with crushed stone, put the pipe in and then fill it up completely. Looks real good too

    agent stapleagent staple3 måneder siden
  • You should make a plow attatchment too.

    agent stapleagent staple3 måneder siden
  • I think you benefit from all the things that you DIY. Keep it up this an amazing build process and product. You are focused deliberate and confident as you proceed, and in these crafts, nothing is more useful or sacred.

    Peter JenningsPeter Jennings3 måneder siden
  • What state do you live in?

    Kenneth MooreKenneth Moore3 måneder siden
  • Andrew you have 'Adam Savage but heavy duty' vibes. I enjoy hearing your thought process

    armpitarmpit3 måneder siden
  • Does your castle need an elevator?

    Tv STv S3 måneder siden