Removing part of a barn

Operating a compact track loader:
0:00 project explanation
2:23 brush mowing
9:55 Removing trees around the barn
30:53 fixing a rubber track
35:28 Demolishing half the barn
46:11 Loading trash in dumpsters
1:01:11 Removing hay from inside barn
1:08:30 Removing trees too close to the house
1:11:17 Lab inspection and outro

Video of fixed barn: (Hasn't happened yet)




  • when you are doing brush like that you should put some kind of door on you're skid steer to protected you that's very risky thing to do whithout some thing to protected you you could have debris flying at you or it ricocheting off of something that could hit you

    Chris MorfittChris Morfitt2 timer siden
  • What a bloody work! - I would had burned it all - to brake down warm thats called... This would have given some hours less...! And again this SMALL container! - In ash this would be much less and can also be used as fertilyzer...

    Singender TanzSingender Tanz2 timer siden
  • Very entertaining

    Johnny WalkerJohnny Walker3 timer siden
  • That old dog is In pain!! ☹️

    Max buustMax buust3 timer siden
  • a chainsaw would take the trees down faster than with his Bobcat

    headshottarget9headshottarget97 timer siden
    • A chain saw does not get the stumps out.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata6 timer siden
  • Cool 👍👍

    AnimalAndroidAnimalAndroid8 timer siden
  • Buddy you tube is up with the auto ad thing again

    Zie PhonZie PhonDag siden
  • Wow ! Nice to save this historic barn !! 👍

    roger boudreauroger boudreauDag siden

    pinky addypinky addyDag siden

    pinky addypinky addyDag siden
  • Sometimes it take a bit for you to start working but, man I have to say once you start your a beast. You like a killer robot you just don't stop till you get it done. Wow! And you know how to make your machines dance. Unreal seen ppl with 20 years running machines that can't make them move like you. Keep up the Great work.

    Aqua Green ORAganicsAqua Green ORAganicsDag siden
  • This has been a great and interesting vid to watch. Thank you. I love your dogs.

    Jeannie PiriyayonJeannie PiriyayonDag siden
  • Dang it. Those beautiful trees had to die.

    Puff Of SmokePuff Of Smoke2 dager siden
  • muito bom, ficou ótimo, congratulations very good.

    Adriano M.Adriano M.2 dager siden
  • 39:33 very safe position of humans lol. Ótimo lugar pra ficar enquanto se está demolindo uma construção.

    Adriano M.Adriano M.2 dager siden
  • One thing I have always hated about skid loader design, if something falls into the cab youre screwed, the brush mower is a good example of this

    Nullington VoidNullington Void2 dager siden
  • Was wondering how many man hours and how many dumpsters did you fill?

    joan harrisjoan harris2 dager siden
  • I was impressed with the skill of the man driving the skid loader! I could use him to clean up our farmstead!

    joan harrisjoan harris2 dager siden
  • That brush hog is a beast!!! The great thing about Andrew he never does a Half way job!!!! Always does it right or better than factory!!!!!!!!!

    LaLa McQuoidLaLa McQuoid2 dager siden
  • 太可惜了!!!!把大樹都推倒。

    張明杰張明杰2 dager siden
  • I love old barns. Look at those beams! Real 2x4's! Upstate is much nicer than that other part....

    cameronmcraigcameronmcraig3 dager siden
  • I'd love to see the crazy things you'd come up with for a rollerbed truck

    dobby8907dobby89073 dager siden
    • Uw

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    • Q

      MG BabuMG Babu23 timer siden
  • How does your ihi handle the mower?

    John MullenJohn Mullen3 dager siden
  • That "lawn" mowner is freaking awesome.

    C OC O3 dager siden
  • for dog owners,! 101 1ST page,! 2nd line down,! when your telling your god WHATS THIS CODY,! WHATS THIS,!! dog,s never seen horses, as they where nose to nose, ( a lil ellow,! ) you keep repeating the same thing, WHAT IS THAT,! then you tell ur dog dont bark at the horses,! Andrew,! u funny man,! P.S. your a hard worker, you are,! mini lil bulldozer,!

    Norn HirstNorn Hirst4 dager siden
  • Love how it works

    Annette MilletteAnnette Millette4 dager siden
  • great job buddy and great video as always buddy 😎👊🏻👍🏻

    Chase BodifordChase Bodiford4 dager siden
  • Wall-E digging thru garbage.. looking for survival stuff

    Paula ComstockPaula Comstock5 dager siden
  • I love your channel but an ad every 5 minutes is killing me boss. I understand you need to make a living but the ads I’m getting make the video almost unwatchable.

    TheOhfishesTheOhfishes5 dager siden
  • Yes destruction, good long video

    Life with Lilah MarieLife with Lilah Marie5 dager siden
  • The threatening berry surprisingly copy because rain moberly replace beyond a tedious romania. rightful, nasty dad

    Pat StewartPat Stewart5 dager siden
  • Awesome video!

    Kevin BurtonKevin Burton5 dager siden
  • That one tree like “I not moving without a fight!” Good job getting that :)

    Ryan JarvisRyan Jarvis6 dager siden
  • My buddy thought it would be a good idea to flatbed one of those roll off trucks and run skidsteers and minis around on it then lower them down... the cg is too high like that and the truck feels dangerous. He ended up just trailering, it just felt way safer. They are def. cool for dumpsters though.

    sam msam m6 dager siden
  • Your scary wow .

    Dusty BellamyDusty Bellamy6 dager siden
  • What's a rough estimate cost for a job like this?

    Blacksand 3Blacksand 36 dager siden
  • that skid steer can eat.... that brush hog is also quite amazing... the way it just went through the trees like nothing.. nice to have good tools..

    Lee DressLee Dress6 dager siden
  • It was nice to see Levi. Was this his last job?

    Walter MattsonWalter Mattson6 dager siden
  • .Very nice where I can found the same?

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  • حلوو وين احصلة

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  • وين العرب؟

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  • Levi looks like he is getting up there in age he is cute.

    Curtis OwensCurtis Owens7 dager siden
  • I am dog mal

    Rosana NogueiraRosana Nogueira7 dager siden
  • VERY satisfying watching that barn come down.

    M HaightM Haight7 dager siden
  • Вот это тракторишка... конёк-горбунок прям... Но деревья валит варварски, не по нашему, абы как...их аккуратно на дровишки порезать, топить не перетопить

    Товарищ СуховТоварищ Сухов7 dager siden
  • good

    Fishing MHSFishing MHS7 dager siden
  • Dang. That old barn didn't put up a fight. Definitely looks old 👍

    W WW W7 dager siden
  • I enjoy watching your videos and really enjoyed watching your interview with B-Rad. Stay humble my friend and much success. Your awesome!

    Bob DBob D8 dager siden
  • throw all that into a shredder would be awsome

    Roberta ChristeenRoberta Christeen8 dager siden
  • I need that machinery. Holy shit that's good. Amazingly efficient. That job would take a month with anything else. If you'd just have to get rid of the shrubs with dumpsters...

    Zte Axon 7Zte Axon 78 dager siden
  • The new machine looks like a breeze on the job.

    38911bytefree38911bytefree8 dager siden
  • l'art du massacre !!! A fuir !

    Nicolas PettierNicolas Pettier8 dager siden
  • the farmers not wearing masks when moving the hay made my lung burn im so happy you had proper protection on

    NorrotakuNorrotaku8 dager siden
  • Boa tarde.sou do brasil.adimiro muito seu trabalho.barabemms

    Jó Evaristo DiasJó Evaristo Dias8 dager siden
  • man that skid steer is so zippy and agile! the arm might not be dexterous but the tracks sure are! also that mower is crazy!

    NorrotakuNorrotaku8 dager siden
  • 18 commercials? I enjoy your content but hot damn are you getting greedy.

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    • NOcds puts them in automatically now weather the content creators make money off of them or not

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    MelissaKapral KapralMelissaKapral Kapral8 dager siden
  • And it happened again Andrew... i just finished a 12 hour shift, came home and am watching this with my gym gear on... maybe tomorrow. ive been watching for over 4 years now.

    Jeremy RaynerJeremy Rayner8 dager siden
  • Enjoyed this no end.Andrew.Does the disused barn once restored have any use?There seems very few animals about and an enormous amount of overgrowth everywhere,apart from your excellent work over a few days.Bob Allen London

    Rob AllenRob Allen9 dager siden
  • Amazing job

    Debra DupraDebra Dupra9 dager siden
  • Awesome job! Looks like fun! Right tools for the right job! Stay safe!

    Ray and Mary ThomasRay and Mary Thomas9 dager siden
  • If I had in my backyard the same jungle like this one, I definitively would hire you to solve that problem.

    G. HuberG. Huber9 dager siden
  • Those little machines are amazingly powerful.

    MoefuggerrMoefuggerr9 dager siden
  • man this vid was awesome makes me want to get into land clearing i love all the heavy equipment u have man youve done well i was just thinking couldnt you save money by just burning all the debris from the barn and then burying the left over ash and what not?

    Nick 636n8rNick 636n8r9 dager siden
  • Watch it in 2x Playback speed 👌🏼

    Alexander RigsbyAlexander Rigsby9 dager siden
  • I get weirder every day. Why the hell would I get hooked watching somebody clear a field and rip half a barn off. I think I need help. Other things I’ve been hooked on. Cleaning drains out. Pressure washing driveways. Mowing overgrown yards. I guess anything is better than regular TV.

    Mel LowmanMel Lowman9 dager siden

    StefanoStefano10 dager siden
    • Thanks

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata9 dager siden
  • TL35 would have no problem

    Kevin GotnerKevin Gotner10 dager siden
  • Aww poor Levi getting old

    Sean McGuireSean McGuire10 dager siden
  • Could you have a controlled burn for the barn n woo

    Sean McGuireSean McGuire10 dager siden
  • I wonder how long that's been over grown for?

    Sean McGuireSean McGuire10 dager siden
  • That attachment is fucking awesome

    Sean McGuireSean McGuire10 dager siden
  • See your helpmate, are you a two man crew??

    Jimmy TjomslandJimmy Tjomsland10 dager siden
  • I don't even own anything with high-pressure hydraulic lines and I want one of those bar clamps

    Bill the Welding SlothBill the Welding Sloth10 dager siden
    • Those clamps do a ton of things.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata10 dager siden
  • The pretty pig putatively pray because machine byerly surprise astride a remarkable lisa. bewildered, mushy ostrich

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  • If I was doing that, with my luck I might stumble upon little Billie's bicycle that he lost years ago!!

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  • No sé el inglés pero me encanta su rancho y k emoción de máquina bien chingonas

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  • Wow what's the story with all that unused hay?? That's A CRAZY AMOUNT OF HAY.

    Rad ChickRad Chick10 dager siden
  • Get Levi some meds Please

    Betty EcholsBetty Echols10 dager siden
    • He was on a bunch of stuff. He just passed.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata10 dager siden
  • The stuff from inside the barn would make excellent fertilizer also

    Betty EcholsBetty Echols10 dager siden
  • One thing about the videos that the NOcdsrs make of everything they do: alibis and proof that they've done everything correctly.

    Betty EcholsBetty Echols10 dager siden
  • They could have burned that trash. Well, 99% of it. Wood ash is a great fertilizer.

    Betty EcholsBetty Echols10 dager siden
  • That little machine is worth a million dollars Taking the roots up along with the 🌳🌲🌴

    Betty EcholsBetty Echols10 dager siden
  • I want to see inside the old barn before you tear it down

    Betty EcholsBetty Echols10 dager siden
  • Very Nice Work

    azhar Uddin sheikhazhar Uddin sheikh10 dager siden
  • Nice Work

    azhar Uddin sheikhazhar Uddin sheikh10 dager siden
  • За трактор лайк👍

    Viktor VolkovViktor Volkov10 dager siden
  • Just curious why you wouldn’t burn the debris? Seems like it would save a lot of dumpster fees

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  • If you reforest, that's a good thing

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  • A job well done 👍👍

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  • Great job and video like always

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  • What a remarkable machine!

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  • Poor Levi! 😥🐕

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  • fire is faster sorry

    The Dream comes trueThe Dream comes true11 dager siden
  • Young man I have watch you doing projects for years and always enjoy them. As I was watching I though if I could take a life insurance policy on you because some of the things you do I could be a rich man ! No I wouldn’t want that just be careful and if you ever need a hand tearing stuff down give me a call I would love to help, we are a bit alike doing stuff but I have made it to 71 crazy oh my full time job was a Firefighter .

    Jerry L BusbyJerry L Busby11 dager siden
  • Best solution: Big fire

    cemoi cemoicemoi cemoi11 dager siden
  • and couldn't the house have been torn down without destroying nature? incredible

    Vw PassatVw Passat12 dager siden
    • The nature is destroyed where your house is. Remove your house now and put the nature back.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata11 dager siden
  • Bravo. Now you are proud to have destroyed nature for 30 years. Especially the healthy trees

    Vw PassatVw Passat12 dager siden