Replacing a well pump

Replacing a deep well pump that is installed in a cistern.




  • Come on gallons per minute sometimes the pressure pulls to much water and trips the trip wire ,pressure washers have to have so many gallons per minute or it burns out the pump and washer

    Mick HaightMick Haight4 timer siden
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  • Did you hear Bill Magnerelli (D-Syracuse) wants a new law passed for modifying car and motorcycle exhausts in NY? Includes fines and jail time. SMH🙃 Its like the health dept here is in charge of global warming and septic design a friend went to their communist class and they showed a video it going from one tank to the next and this over weight karen kept raising her hand. I do not get how it goes from one tank to the next. Is there another earth i am on the first flight off this rock.

    robert howellrobert howellDag siden
  • I hope you don't drink that shit.

    Doc TwiggenberryDoc TwiggenberryDag siden
  • I was raised no deposit no job, sorry Andy

    MegaKainmanMegaKainmanDag siden
  • The pump burnt out because the PVC pipe is too small it needs some water around it to cool while running

    MegaKainmanMegaKainmanDag siden
  • paint that cat that cool Green color like the track loader :D

    Thatcher NThatcher NDag siden
  • Hi, Andrew. I am enjoying your videos so much.. By the way, I see your well water is so muddy. Have you tested water quality? I really like to watch your videos for long time hahaha. That mean is you should be healthy ^^

    John's RanchJohn's RanchDag siden
  • I could watch Andrew ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!! We just about have watched him all day, every day since we found him about a week ago. He's going to have to get busy & give us more videos soon, because we've 'bout watched them all!! 🤣🤣 He is brilliant & humble & polite & AMAZING!!

    Dianne LDianne LDag siden
  • Like how Andrew quickly sniffed out the well digger shyster. Never mind about $2k deposit, just do the job and get paid. That well digger missed out on tons of free advertising. Hope he watched this video.

    David WestmanDavid Westman2 dager siden
  • Damn bro...How shallow is that well??? Mine 'should be good' at 575 feet here!

    Chris ChapmanChris Chapman2 dager siden
  • Most pumps die because of dirt in the water wearing out the internals and/or the diaphragm in the pressure tank develops a leak so it doesn't maintain pressure which causes the pump to run continuously.

    TaggerIncTaggerInc2 dager siden
  • You should make some merch in hi-vis! I would instantly buy a shirt for work

    RileyRiley2 dager siden
  • Title suggestion: "DYI: An introduction to Murphy"

    Nullington VoidNullington Void2 dager siden
  • R.I.P. Mr. Levi..... GOD speed to you. I only knew of your channel this night of unrest for me. Sorry for your great loss.

  • Pex A and Pex B is totally different size

    Choo Choo Rooter BeanChoo Choo Rooter Bean3 dager siden
  • My dad has a 1k dollar pump. Running 20+ years. Still going...

    95tt95tt3 dager siden
  • You do realize it was just the clogged water filter the entire time, right? I mean ffs that should have been the FIRST thing you checked. Great job spending unnecessary time and money though!!! lol

    gman03887gman038874 dager siden
  • Do you hunt ? And if so can you please do some hunting/ shooting videos it would be awesome plus most of your audience who are probably country people already like shooting guns and hunting.

    Benjamin LabelleBenjamin Labelle5 dager siden
  • A thousand dollar pump should be able to service, maybe a relay or switch usually. Don't throw it out!

    weber247weber2476 dager siden
  • just noticed the rust on the well components. its mostly caused by a microorganism and its common in wells. i believe the solution is a shock chlorination twice a year. im sure theres youtube videos out there about well treatment

    A DA D6 dager siden
  • I'm sorry. I love dogs

    Lindolfo RibeiroLindolfo Ribeiro6 dager siden
  • Dowsing is pure nonsense. It's called the water table for a reason. Water is in every spot you look. Just how deep is the question. Crook got you for 250 big ones.

  • It's a dirty job but Andrew has to do it. Every Single Time. Ugg

  • I saw your interview and hanging out with B-Rad, it was interesting. Andrew you are to cool for words!

    selketskiss56selketskiss566 dager siden
  • Maybe next time replace the filter first?

    Jeff LossauJeff Lossau6 dager siden
  • Me ynhhmnh. G huuguugw

    Verónica FrumentoVerónica Frumento6 dager siden
  • Glad I'm not the only one out there, who has water in their iron lines.

    You GunnacryYou Gunnacry6 dager siden
  • So sorry to lose Levi, he was a great supervisor and a great dog. 😥

    Charles BashamCharles Basham7 dager siden
  • 3 water filter system/ UV water filter system

    Michael HardyMichael Hardy7 dager siden
  • Filter probably took out the pump too…

    Mike BrennanMike Brennan7 dager siden
  • Hey Andrew I'm not sure if you'll get to read this but I want you to know I am very very impressed with your videos I enjoy watching them from beginning to end even my great-nephew likes watching your videos and he is only three years old and he can tell me just about every piece of machinery that you have and he can even tell me what parts you are changing or fixing I hope you continue to release these videos because I think the are a great learning tool for the younger generation. Once again I enjoy your videos and keep up the good work I don't live in the US I live in Australia but I will continue watching your videos with my great nephew.

    Anthony RileyAnthony Riley7 dager siden
  • Before the end of this year (2021) Mr. Camarata will have over 1 million subscribers. Grats to him!!! And a NEW 1 Million NOcds Plague!!!

    Tony WhiteTony White7 dager siden
  • my well pump is 85 feet deep, water table about 20-25 deep. i had to replace my pump when i bought my house and i did it myself, bought a new pump at home depot for around $200 just like the one he bought, been working great for the past 7 years. that was before i had a channel and making videos otherwise i'd have a video of me doing it and the stuff i rigged up to pull the pump and line out, and yea there were a few cuss words LOL

    messin with mikemessin with mike7 dager siden
  • I wonder why the dog didn't like that you pull starting it

    Cheif BeefCheif Beef7 dager siden
  • watching this just makes me want to go change my filter right now lol

    mellowpuddlemellowpuddle7 dager siden
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  • should add a mesh spin down filter prior to the house filter. it will allow filters to last longer not being clogged up with silt.

    P. HillsP. Hills8 dager siden
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  • I don't know much about electricity, but it seems much more complicated to you than to us in Europe. My electrical installations in my house look like child's play compared to yours in America, again we have all the possibilities like you. As far as I understand you have special lines for AC current and for DC current. Therefore, every yotube channel from America looks to me like you are all electricity experts, from ordinary people to semi-professionals to full-fledged professionals. I wonder if this is due to the unnecessarily complicated rules of electrical installations in your country? I have a feeling that every ordinary person in your country must know everything about electricity in some way, or that his life is complicated if he doesn't know.Your electrical installations seem to me like a small factory, with a lot of cables springing up everywhere, I have a feeling that every house has a separate room for electrical installations, I say that not only by watching this channel, but many youtube channels from North America. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I repeat again I am a total idiot about electricity. but that's how it looks to me.

    Eustahije BrzićEustahije Brzić8 dager siden
    • We don’t have dc coming into our houses in America/Canada and most of the time it is just black to black white to white for residential

      Seth’s bike hacksSeth’s bike hacks8 dager siden
  • that dog always follow him around that great!!!

    Logan TheobaldLogan Theobald8 dager siden
  • Andrew you should make a steel elevated (3-4 feet) platform for cleaning your vehicles off the ground so you pressure wash underneath them.

    Stephen HatgisStephen Hatgis8 dager siden
  • Hello Andrew, I have a question that has been on my mind for a while. Perhaps you or one of your viewers/listeners can answer this. Driving and operating all these different vehicles in the USA, do you need a different license for each vehicle or is is it more like a specific tonnage license allows the driving of a number of vehicles?

    Ronald J TriumphRonald J Triumph8 dager siden
  • Cave project a must you should start planning that

    L0N3 D4NGERL0N3 D4NGER8 dager siden
  • RIP: Levi

    directech111directech1118 dager siden
  • R.I.P. Levi Camarata, he will be sincerely missed by all his fans and especially his family.

    _360_Second_Gen_ __360_Second_Gen_ _9 dager siden
  • Outer pipe full of red color means water is no good just can for washing

    張英明張英明9 dager siden
  • Hey heard you ask. The high dollar pumps you were looking at are for more of a professionally drilled well that has a 4-6” casing and usually varies from 100-1000 ft of depth. I’ve seen these pumps last 20 years down in a well

    sulli Robertssulli Roberts9 dager siden
  • love your videos. I had a idea that may be worth your time. I. Know you do grading driveways and my idea is to make a special bucket with a slight U shaped shape to put the crown in one pass. If you have bucket as wide as roadway you can do both the sides and the crown in one pass. Just a thought.

    James MorganJames Morgan9 dager siden
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    Andrew WhiteAndrew White9 dager siden

    JJ TTJJ TT9 dager siden
  • Have you seen the PetLab chews for joint pain. Could make life a little easier for old boy Levi...

    rixtrix11rixtrix119 dager siden
    • Levi is no longer with us

      Shoot Luck GamingShoot Luck Gaming7 dager siden
    • Levi has since passed on

      Seth’s bike hacksSeth’s bike hacks8 dager siden
  • Given that your on well water are you filtering the water to keep you hot water heater from getting to much mineral buildup? Never mind I didn’t watch to the end of the video my bad

    Bob BaileyBob Bailey9 dager siden
  • sometimes i think andrew just lets things get really bad so he can give us a better video. had he taken care of any of these things a touch earlier, this video would've been like 2 minutes long, and most of that would've been him chasing cody for stealing a glove.

    geekdiggygeekdiggy9 dager siden
  • When is Rosie the welder going to be on?

    Uncle FesterUncle Fester9 dager siden
  • Been a fan of your channel for years, just stay true to who you are. Thats what made me a fan, and is what makes your channel a success. P.S. say hi to levi and Cody. MRYANK23

    Joan InnusaJoan Innusa9 dager siden
  • 6:26 that can't be Cody.

    Jay SmithJay Smith9 dager siden
  • Wonder if you could have avoided all the hassle of the pump if you checked the filter first..actually why DIDN'T you check the filter first? I mean it looked like that sucker had been in there awhile and those things do have a shelf life as it were

    MrGoesBoomMrGoesBoom9 dager siden
  • yeah i wonder how he filters his water. this kid seems to have done his research into this land he bought and house he built before buying or building it..did things i probably wouldnt have thought of until it was too late or already built. . nice shop he ahs though i guess thats probably his main thing to continue his passion or skills in fixing things. cool thing to know.

    Sonny CSonny C10 dager siden
  • im no electrician but i know basics but i dont think you're suppose to mix red and figure that'd be obvious unless this kid knows something i dont...he clealry knows alot i dont being a mechanic and all but Black are the power wires and white are is also a power wire so the red attached to the white is a negative and a postiive mixed doesnt work...the bare wire is the ground wire always, black is negative aka the power wire, red also is a secondary power wire and white negative. cant mix them.

    Sonny CSonny C10 dager siden
    • White can be hot on 220v when there is no neutral. (this exact scenario)

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata9 dager siden
  • Some time you gotta heat that poly pipe but I usually try to it it with a mallet or dead blow first. often that works well and doesn't risk over doing the heat. You should swap that filter to a bigger one that's way tiny.

    spacebikespacebike10 dager siden
  • Its ips iron pipe size. CPS is copper pipe size. That's the problem 🤷‍♂️

    Tim GottoTim Gotto10 dager siden
  • I would have been cussing up a storm. Andrew just fixes it like it's expected.

    Sir Fred 200Sir Fred 20010 dager siden
  • I bet Andrew purposely sabotages his things so he can fix them. Just for fun.

    HelpMeUnderstandHelpMeUnderstand10 dager siden
  • Do you have any videos on how to buy a used piece of equipment without getting burned, or not buying stolen equipment. I’ve been looking at some used mini excavators and skid steers, but I’m afraid of getting a stolen one. You have bought allot of them, do they have titles like cars, do you check the vin online against a stolen database? Stuff like that.

    Doc SavageDoc Savage10 dager siden
  • Looks like that capacitor is helpful for pump startups, probably tripping that internal switch

    morpheus01736morpheus0173610 dager siden
    • The first pump needed it, the second did not.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata10 dager siden
  • are you gonna make any more videos on your sport UTV

    poopfeast420poopfeast42010 dager siden
    • Yes, I added a few mods this year, and made it street legal

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata10 dager siden
  • Por favor si fuera posible traducción al español un gran trabajo

    Edwin MontenegroEdwin Montenegro10 dager siden
  • 1in CC and 1in IP ,CC is copper tubing size and IP is iron pipe size

    Jentsen RackleyJentsen Rackley10 dager siden
  • I think 6 years of pumping water that looks like that is pretty good. a $1k pump will likely fail the same way in maybe 7 years. Warranty does go a long way if they guarantee for 10+ years

    whodatdere1whodatdere110 dager siden
  • Andrew there is a pretty sizable difference between the cheap amazon pumps and the $1000 pump. Also 2hp is massive you dont need all that power all your doing is makeing your electricity bill more. Not to mention short cycling your pump with that small tank which will burn out a pump quick. Realistically a 1/2hp 7gpm pump would probably be sufficient. Just a tip heat up the inside of your polly pipe a bit and it will slip on easier.

    Zack PlummerZack Plummer10 dager siden
  • What website do you use to get all of your go karts because I'm looking at one for $160

    Denis KartavenkoDenis Kartavenko10 dager siden
  • Just watched your chainsaw video... I left this message / comment, after watching that video! The first video that I watched of yours; was when you were setting your castle blocks, I subscribed shortly after. It is this video however; that "antique chainsaw," that caused me to pull the trigger (throttle) and hit the "alert bell." Prior to watching you, your channel; I have been glued to watching another channel... "letsdig18" is one of the few channels I watch, each time he produces a video. I went back to his videos and just started watching from the beginning. I have been lured back to your channel; time and again, in large part, to your "Can Do, Will Do" approach to any project, big or small, without all the "F-Bombs." The link is from "letsdig18," about someone biting off more than they can chew, or dig, burying a large excavator and he is called in to recover and take over a big mess. Just like you, he never gives up. The places he goes with his equipment, is not for the faint-hearted! Thanks again Andrew!

    tnmtnhmtnmtnhm10 dager siden
  • Your dog's a great supervisor, ensuring quality work lol

    Wild N๏rth Films ProductionsWild N๏rth Films Productions10 dager siden
  • Cody seemed shocked that there was no water pressure at the well 😂

    Studio23 MediaStudio23 Media10 dager siden
  • How is Levi? Heard things not going well. That dog is blessed he has had a good life. Still difficult times.

    NC VmanNC Vman10 dager siden
    • Levi passed away, i saw the news in Andrew’s fan club

      夢想夢想10 dager siden
  • No way would I drink out of that well.

    John BondJohn Bond11 dager siden
  • Hey Andrew, is Levi your dog still around?

    T and J truckingT and J trucking11 dager siden
    • @Seth’s bike hacks ok 👌thanks

      T and J truckingT and J trucking9 dager siden
    • Levi has since passed as of 2 or 3 days ago

      Seth’s bike hacksSeth’s bike hacks9 dager siden
  • Just out of curiosity, why wouldn’t you use a jet pump since your well is shallow?

    Michael StephensMichael Stephens11 dager siden

    Joseph PreiteJoseph Preite11 dager siden
  • Love the videos been watching you for a long time now keep up the good work bro and keep your head up 😁

    DyNamic GamingDyNamic Gaming11 dager siden
  • I mean call me crazy but, i feel like if your gonna spend a ton of money on something, let it be the pump that runs your main water supply?!

    ABI for shortABI for short11 dager siden
  • why doesn't anyone ever pressure wash their pressure washer.

    dave kirklanddave kirkland11 dager siden
  • Good job👍🏾👏🏾

    JohnJohn11 dager siden
  • I wonder if the clogged filter contributed to the demise of the first pump?

    warsurpluswarsurplus11 dager siden
    • @Andrew Camarata My brain “read" filter instead of tank. Thanks. I thought some of the video CerebralAilment uploaded of you and Cody and the one of Levi were special.

      GoogleguyGoogleguy10 dager siden
    • the filter is after the pressure tank, so it doesn’t matter To the pump what it’s doing, all the pump does is pressurize that blue tank up to a certain psi then turn off, nothing was restricted. it’s the same as like having a garden hose and not turning it on all the way

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata10 dager siden
    • @Andrew Camarata I am not a pump guy ... and may be wrong ... but it seems to me that a pump is moving a liquid through and entire system ... including the filter ... and it doesn’t matter whether it is “pushing” or “pulling.” Same force. What am I missing?

      GoogleguyGoogleguy10 dager siden
    • No, because its after the tank.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata11 dager siden
  • It's 1 inch O.D. pipe with xx wall thickness

    Mash RienMash Rien11 dager siden
  • Oh man - I have a spell of PTSD watching this video after maintaining a pump system at a rural property for 10 years. I'd spend 3 days every May long weekend swearing and cutting my knuckles trying to get the water to work. Like Andrew, with many trips to the hardware store!

    Fraser MoffattFraser Moffatt11 dager siden
  • Keep it up, love your work ethic!, enjoy watching from SC!. Stay safe

    Alissa SternagleAlissa Sternagle11 dager siden
  • That cheap, it's has to be a Chinese pump, they don't last as long as a Gould's pump(xylem) that's made in the USA ,I know they are expensive but it pays off in the long run

    162legend162legend11 dager siden

    craigr306craigr30611 dager siden
    • The one by CerebralAilment has some beautiful video and photos.

      GoogleguyGoogleguy10 dager siden
  • makita chainsaw 36v thats cool show us how it works

    Tamaz TikanadzeTamaz Tikanadze11 dager siden
  • RIP levi ❤️

    BradBrad12 dager siden
    • @David Groß NOOOOOOO 😭

      CallMe HenryCallMe Henry9 dager siden
    • @CallMe Henry Video is coming soon :(

      David GroßDavid Groß9 dager siden
    • WHAT?!?

      CallMe HenryCallMe Henry10 dager siden
  • ❤️❤️❤️Levi❤️❤️❤️!

    Nils KallNils Kall12 dager siden
  • Curiosity killed the cat just i live in ontario can. , just wondering when you clearing land and cutting trees who gets the money for the trees and roughly how much do you charge ...ball.park figure i dont need to know your business , do you charge by the hour and do you rent equipment some days your using 3-4 differant 70 yeats old , i find your show interesting and relaxing keep up the good work and not that you seem to need it , but good luck .... Thanks

    Gym BaggGym Bagg12 dager siden
  • The difference is the pump in my well is over thirty years old and still going strong

    TechAngelTechAngel12 dager siden
  • I hope you aren’t drinking that water. You need a deep well to get past the contaminated shallow well ground water.

    Steven MoomeySteven Moomey12 dager siden
  • Oh how I love my public water connection. When I had a break in the incoming line our city water people disconnected my neighbor’s water meter so he could share water with us, through a hose and not pay for our use. They made a single pipe from the city feed to inside our foundation below the frost line. We love our public sewer system also.

    Jonathan LeonardJonathan Leonard12 dager siden
  • Shame you got taken advantage of with having to pay for water "dousing", its such nonsense its a scam.

    Rinoa's Auspicious TravailsRinoa's Auspicious Travails12 dager siden
    • Dowsing works though.

      taco belltaco bell10 dager siden
    • Depends on the dowser. When my grandfather had our well put in, a neighbor (who did not believe in dowsing, mind) found a spot where the stick cut into his hands when he tried to stop it from bending down. Well drillers hit water at 8ft and we are still using that same well almost 70 years later.

      randacnam7321randacnam732110 dager siden
  • You don't drink that water right?

    Jens GustafssonJens Gustafsson12 dager siden
  • if you are looking for a tracked dump vehicle, how about this:

    Joe MummeJoe Mumme12 dager siden