Screening dirt into a trench

Using a flip screen excavator attachment to fill around a well line to protect it from rocks.




  • Coincidence .. I have been screening for top soil for my vegetable garden from a recently bulldozed cleared jungle .. and was wondering if such an attachment exists ... well ... they do .. where to get them ?

    Tan Wah MengTan Wah Meng5 dager siden
  • Damn bro, you have everything. All the cool toys

    Sean McGuireSean McGuire9 dager siden
  • 00

    Natasha GoordeenNatasha Goordeen9 dager siden
  • I may be trippin’ but it looks like them steel sheets are flexing back behind your fenders in the rear when loaded. Idk what that flexing may create later, but I’d load it it and weld it where it’s flexed under load. Idk If you noticed or not. I’ve been watching you awhile now. You have an awesome & blessed life..

    Bryan SimpsonBryan Simpson14 dager siden
  • As a gardener this had me salivating.

    Theindigo DogTheindigo Dog19 dager siden
  • Lame.

    STEVE SpitlerSTEVE Spitler20 dager siden
  • good for garden

    David KelleyDavid Kelley25 dager siden
  • want to sell that backhoe???

    David KelleyDavid Kelley25 dager siden
  • Be good for digging potatoes

    Endless SummerEndless SummerMåned siden
  • Do you still have the one you got for the skid steer??

    Gabriel TownsendGabriel TownsendMåned siden
  • Andrew you should sell your screen soil

    Rutgers HousesRutgers HousesMåned siden
  • It works but wow, it is slow

    Karl ChildersKarl ChildersMåned siden
  • Andrew is the CEO of modifications

    XD_ NebXD_ NebMåned siden
  • Like Andrew said, the first roll with this Flip Screen needs to be over the original pile. You can see the big rocks falling out on the first roll.

    Karl ChildersKarl ChildersMåned siden
  • I’m surprised he still drives his excavators with his hands. It’s much easier to operate with your feet once you are used to it. The ability to drive with your feet and have both hands on the controls can save you in a hairy situation. I would encourage him to change his approach. I’ve worked around excavators my whole life. I never see experienced operators use their hands to drive.

    Love is the AnswerLove is the AnswerMåned siden
  • bring this to my house, i'll throw grass seed on the dirt as you relevel my lawn heh

    Eric JorgensenEric JorgensenMåned siden
  • 11

    Paul YuPaul YuMåned siden
  • Cool idea but I’d like to see the long term durability results as it seems like a lot of stuff to go wrong and people abusing it.

    Maximum HardcoreMaximum HardcoreMåned siden
  • The sifter is too small...frozen ground

    Marc HamishMarc HamishMåned siden
  • Hey did you get that trench backfill yet... cuchulk cukluk cuchulk cuhluk....

    Ride ZzalotRide Zzalot2 måneder siden
  • Seems as though Andrew has a new toy added to his arsenal of equipment tools when I watch his videos. That must mean he has lots of business.

    J ArmstrongJ Armstrong2 måneder siden
  • That tape is such a simple idea . My house was built in the 1800s and next door is even older and used to have a cottage on their back garden . Unfortunately the old water pipes were just left and his prize lawn kept developing these huge water filled 4ft high bubbles . He dug holes everywhere trying to find the course of those damned pipes. We spent so much time trying to map out with pegs and string the projected course of these pipes from the bubble to the pipes between the two houses . If they had put in some marker like that tape we would have had a better idea of at least what direction they were going . To be honest I thought the wobbly dome looked great until he laid down a path to a drain in his garden , popped it , watched it go down the drain then it flooded my cellar . Now there would have been a good use for a skid steer . I would have had great pleasure just driving it over his grass .

    Helen ❤️Helen ❤️2 måneder siden
  • Andrew: gets new piece of equipment. Within minutes* time to weld/ plasma cut.

    Tommy GunTommy Gun2 måneder siden
  • I dont think its worth the price tag on this attachment...... Its way too expensive and you waste a lot of fuel sifting dirt...

    MrBat000MrBat0002 måneder siden
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    Dharmesh SolankiDharmesh Solanki2 måneder siden
  • Would be nice if the bucket had some kind of gate to completely prevent big rocks from falling out. Maybe it'd make sense if this thing vibrated instead of rotated.

    Netherlands031Netherlands0312 måneder siden
  • Seems like it a slow thing takes alot of time.

    Mr Tater TotsMr Tater Tots2 måneder siden
  • Seems like a trencher would have been a lot faster with a more narrow trench with less to backfill.

    Plant CollectorPlant Collector2 måneder siden
  • U think they put fabric down before the pipe cause rocks come up from underneath

    Mike SpiveyMike Spivey3 måneder siden
  • This unit is so small it's a toy. Not ideal for a company actually trying to make money. Would be cheaper and faster to just get bedding material.

    T. CloCKT. CloCK3 måneder siden
  • Your screener would be most excellent for smoothing out garden soil

    michaelwnimichaelwni3 måneder siden
  • The day Andrew stops voiding the warranty of his stuff within 10 minuets of getting if is when I stop watching.

    Colin FranzColin Franz3 måneder siden
  • I could be watching any other video, but there is something beautiful about a big pile of screened soil! And new toys are always great!!! Sure, pea gravel and such is good filler for a trench, but if I’m trying to sift a huge pile of compost or soil for gardening or lawn applications, this would be great! And this being so mobile as it is, screening what you already have in the spot you are working is a plus.

    bobsurunclebobsuruncle3 måneder siden
  • now you can sand your driveway

    graphite737graphite7373 måneder siden
  • The skid steer attachment might have been a little quicker

    KomicalKramerKomicalKramer3 måneder siden
  • Hope you gave them earful, brand new attachment should not need modification to make it fit.

    BaldTheBuilderBaldTheBuilder3 måneder siden
  • Werbung, nichts als Werbung. Diese macht das ganze schöne Video kaputt.

    Rolli MuellerRolli Mueller3 måneder siden
  • Scheiss Werbung

    Rolli MuellerRolli Mueller3 måneder siden
  • Need a rock crusher now :)

    Chevy_1985Chevy_19853 måneder siden
  • The aboriginal cable concurrently harm because siberian internally observe from a likeable hallway. various, dry cicada

    Anita DunnAnita Dunn3 måneder siden
  • May I ask, did Flip Screen Global supply the screener attachment to you for free in exchange for you to evaluate and demonstrate in a video? I'm not suggesting it's improper, just wondering if that was the arrangement here. Enjoy your channel.

    warsurpluswarsurplus3 måneder siden
  • I thought a water line had to be below the frost line? at one only looks like its about 1.5 ft down. Isnt 3ft the minimum just asking i have no experience.

    Sean BaumerSean Baumer3 måneder siden
  • Andrew could disarm a nuclear bomb with an Irwin quick-clamp and a ball-peen hammer.

    warsurpluswarsurplus3 måneder siden
  • Kind of suck you have to modify brand new attachment to fit the machine.

    Bald&curiousBald&curious4 måneder siden
  • how much is a truck full of sand? How much fuel did you waste? how much time did you waste? equipment is sops to save you time and money. that seams like a bad investment to me.

    Elias DayehElias Dayeh4 måneder siden
  • Thanks for making these videos my dad passed a few years ago when I was eleven he also had an excavation business and it’s nice seeing someone else do this kind of stuff and keep up the good work

    Gage ForianGage Forian4 måneder siden
  • Didn't you already have one of these for the skid steer?

    StanStan4 måneder siden
  • I think these people probably gave him one for free, if you go to their website they advertise this thing by linking to Andrews video, so they probably offered him one for free if he would make a video on it and let them use it, smart move on their part honestly, and awesome for Andrew, he deserves to have companies giving him free stuff lol, plus it means more videos for us

    Joseph BrownJoseph Brown4 måneder siden
  • Looks good

    pets rulepets rule4 måneder siden
  • LATE but this equipment is definitely a plus for different jobs ! Best regards Andrew ! OK when when when the fabrication of the uprooter shank .....?This will spare you lots of working hours and less heavy on the machines !

    Marcel GérinMarcel Gérin4 måneder siden
  • honestly i wouldn’t use this the way he is, i’d turn it upside down and shake out the bucket, it seems like he’s dropping unscreened dirt from the opening no?

    Matt PownallMatt Pownall4 måneder siden
  • Won't fit no problem in the garage.

    the2060ishthe2060ish4 måneder siden
  • That is a pretty cool device.

    Anthony MartinAnthony Martin4 måneder siden
  • Looks like you needed a write off

    Blaine FrizzellBlaine Frizzell4 måneder siden
  • Is this to remove the rock so it doesn't hurt the pipe?

    hey you in the busheshey you in the bushes4 måneder siden
    • yes

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata4 måneder siden
  • How much does one of these units cost

    Chris 1Chris 14 måneder siden
  • Ok so I looked at the price of some these... $60K?? I mean that seems absolutely insanely high. Is it just me or is that a legit price?

    KevinKevin4 måneder siden
  • How long would it take to screen say 12 yards of top? It just seems like it would take more money in man hours than it would just to have a load delivered or just truck it yourself in the masons.

    Kody MackieKody Mackie4 måneder siden
  • Jesus is LORD

    Jai ApologeticsJai Apologetics4 måneder siden
  • brand new equipment off pallet, first thing we do is fix it lol. Typical

    Kyle SchackKyle Schack4 måneder siden
  • That's going to take along time

    Randall HutchcraftRandall Hutchcraft4 måneder siden
  • great for level bottom of dirt to level pipe on

    john williamsjohn williams4 måneder siden
  • Po

    Carrie FarrCarrie Farr4 måneder siden
  • A vibratory screen is what ya want, has interchangeable screens that come with. Brand new $10,000. Can get em used for about 6. This is a cool little tool though, wouldn't mind having one for small jobs

    ZBruhZBruh4 måneder siden
  • Put it on the big digger

    Stephen SimmondsStephen Simmonds4 måneder siden
  • What happened to the CL35 screener?

    iDisOrderiDisOrder4 måneder siden
    • ​@Andrew Camarata These companies need to start giving you free equipment with all the exposure you give them. New video idea: Build a trailer with rack for the excavator and front loader attachments

      iDisOrderiDisOrder4 måneder siden
    • They took it back, I never owned these.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata4 måneder siden
  • Will that be cheaper then bringng a truck with sand ?

    Ekbergarna LinusEkbergarna Linus4 måneder siden
  • Doesnt seem like that part of the country is very rocky??

    Raw BlowRaw Blow4 måneder siden
  • Such a bucket is better on icy ground

    PuuhisPuuhis4 måneder siden
  • skatamies Rīga Latvija

    Arvis AAArvis AA4 måneder siden
  • That certainly is a clever attachment. Sometimes on the job site you unexpectedly need clean back fill, this device allows you to make your own at the job site. Or make up a batch for an up coming job. That's pretty keen!

    Church-Mouse 36Church-Mouse 364 måneder siden
  • Only a idiot would fall for junk machinery like this!!!!

    Trever TalleyTrever Talley5 måneder siden
    • Shut up jerk Its cooler then those high tech modern machinery

      GappieGappie4 måneder siden
  • Andrew if you are going to use that dirt for back filling you need a good leaf blower to blow all the trash away & not clogging your screen or putting it into the back fill , which will cause it to settle

    Robert MintzRobert Mintz5 måneder siden
  • I hope he's paying u by the hour 😂😂what a painful process to watch if u know u could just backfill in 30 minutes lol

    Devin RichardDevin Richard5 måneder siden
  • Is it me or is this tool badly designed. I see it dumping unscreened material constantly onto the pipe. If the makers wanted free publicity I think they might have shot themselves in the foot.

    jonka1jonka15 måneder siden
  • I remember you having one like this a couple of years ago. What happened to it?

    jonka1jonka15 måneder siden
  • I don't have that kind of patience.

    Nick McnellisNick Mcnellis5 måneder siden
  • That seems like a horrible tool. I'm guessing/hoping they sent it to you for free thinking somebody would want to buy that thing.

    Zero EntropyZero Entropy5 måneder siden
  • extra useless attachment

    urosuros5 måneder siden
  • Hey Andrew can you get this for a 20 tonne machine?

    Ryan Manuel17Ryan Manuel175 måneder siden
    • Yes,

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata5 måneder siden
  • "The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys" :P

    Gabriel StåhlGabriel Ståhl5 måneder siden
  • Nice but too small. Time wasting. The bigger one is better.

    Cherrys GardenCherrys Garden5 måneder siden
  • No good attachment

    Michael TerrizziMichael Terrizzi5 måneder siden
  • Why would it matter to screen out backfill material? What's the benefit or thought process? Just a city kid here learning about cool things thanks for the content!

    RaspyRaspy5 måneder siden
    • I saw some major large rocks more like small boulders. Could easily damage PVC piping if dropped on it from an excavator bucket. Cool

      RaspyRaspy5 måneder siden
    • I wrote this before end of video. Updated answer... to dig a trench for well water lines to new construction and backfill same material minus rocks because he doesn't want the rocks touching the pipe. Why don't we want rocks in backfill? I'm assuming damage somehow. But how? Can anyone elaborate?

      RaspyRaspy5 måneder siden
  • Это натуральная суходрочка. По затратам времени и солярки пользоваться этой приблудой невыгодно. Нужно что-то конвейреного типа с вибрационной решёткой. А вариант из видео - это когда выбора нету. This is a natural dry hand. It is unprofitable to use this pribluda in terms of time and diesel consumption. You need something of a conveyor type with a vibrating sieve. And the option from the video is when there is no choice.

    PaxSoveticaPaxSovetica5 måneder siden
  • Looks slow going but still pretty cool. Im not in the industry so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but it seems great for a small job where a big sifting machine although more efficient would be overkill.

    tammi Nicholsontammi Nicholson5 måneder siden
  • Up nnn😂👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Eric SanchezEric Sanchez5 måneder siden
  • Damnnn the goat! You got everything i need mam haha keep it up

    Max hMax h5 måneder siden
  • I'd like to see a trench filling contest between the excavator screening attachment and the one he has for a skidsteer.

    Oldold PilgrimOldold Pilgrim5 måneder siden
  • It'll take ages doing it like that, u mite as well get a screening bucket.

    Terry SlunkerTerry Slunker5 måneder siden
  • Love it new attachment and cut a bit of it.

    Terry SlunkerTerry Slunker5 måneder siden
  • Интересно вас смотреть,но не понимаю по английски,это что вся ваша техника,или берете в аренду

    rus53 rus53rus53 rus535 måneder siden
  • Andrew, you have the best toys!

    Allen HuntAllen Hunt5 måneder siden
  • The stimulating pantry resultantly include because robert contemporaneously shock a a limping patio. chunky, evasive dogsled

    Donna DiazDonna Diaz5 måneder siden
  • Naah bro thats a useless piece of kit and a huge waste of time.. if u want to re use the dirt from the trench.. rather buy a portable trummel which u can feed with the excavator.. then sift the soil and simply throw the sifted soil over the pipe.. 😀😄😁👍

    Farmer BoBFarmer BoB5 måneder siden
  • 7 commercial breaks, wtf youtube

    brad jamesbrad james5 måneder siden
  • That is indeed some beautiful Country up there buddy. Stay safe and pat Levi and Cody for me. hose two are fantastic.

    J McCrackenJ McCracken5 måneder siden
  • Does the expense of buying the attachment and time it takes to back fill a trench make it more expensive than bringing in a couple of loads of material?

    colin shawcolin shaw5 måneder siden
  • 17:18 In my part of northern Canada this is when the 2" thick sheets of Styrofoam SM would get layed down in that trench to keep the pipe from freezing , especially if there's a driveway going over on surface .

    Robert RosickiRobert Rosicki5 måneder siden
  • Andrew don’t you have one of these for the skid steer or am I thinking of someone else

    Sky cowboySky cowboy5 måneder siden