Snowmobile club trail maintenance

Doing some trail maintenance for the snowmobile club. Trimming fallen trees and brush, by hand, then with a skid steer. Then doing some snowmobile riding months later.




  • You could see Cody's thought process, "yeah come on race race"😁

    RichardRichard3 dager siden
  • Normal volunteers: cleaning the trail Andrew: cleaning the trail to create an Highway!!!🤣🤣

    Ben BBen B13 dager siden
  • Baby Cody. 😂 omg

    RidgebackHoundsRidgebackHoundsMåned siden
  • Cody is a machine

    WurstwasserWurstwasserMåned siden
  • The most absolutely NOT click bait channel on youtube. Challenge me!!!

    J.A.R. FamilyJ.A.R. FamilyMåned siden
  • And on the second day Andrew created "View"

    Ian DixonIan Dixon2 måneder siden
  • You need a ford pickup truck

    Samantha TurnerSamantha Turner2 måneder siden
    • I had a f250

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata2 måneder siden
  • Keep playing with your dodge toys

    Samantha TurnerSamantha Turner2 måneder siden
  • Andrew where did you get the grapple bucket for the skid steer?

    Joe deRochemontJoe deRochemont2 måneder siden
  • Levi needs a nice dog bed in the bottom of that sled! Nice video, thanks

    Ivan OuderkirkIvan Ouderkirk2 måneder siden
  • You still liking that CL35?

    Bunnies n Bzzz MicrofarmBunnies n Bzzz Microfarm2 måneder siden
  • That’s the best thing you can do for the trails Evers year is trail maintenance, bridge building et. My club in NH the scrub oak scramblers has trail party’s every fall on Saturday’s we usually have between 10-30 people show up to help

    Michael crowleyMichael crowley2 måneder siden
  • I salute the people who keep the trails open! Thank you! I'm in MN. They huge hear, clubs everywhere.

    squeaky61squeaky613 måneder siden
  • Gorgeous trail dude!!! A nice little warm up shack right at the top would be sweet

    The Davies Family ChannelThe Davies Family Channel3 måneder siden
  • ATVs daisy chained to a skid steer. Camarata never ceases to amaze me. GOAT.

    Graham ComptonGraham Compton3 måneder siden
  • 8:20 lol I think this maybe the only time I ever see an ATV pulling out a tracked skid steer

    Random GuyRandom Guy3 måneder siden
  • Wonder how many times a girlfriend has complained about Andrew spending more time with the dogs than her. Because you know that has happened.

    Philo BeddoePhilo Beddoe3 måneder siden
  • Lol best line Pretty much go anywhere.. Don't let Andrew drive it...

    the2060ishthe2060ish3 måneder siden
  • So much fun!! Beautiful, beautiful life.

    Jaime RayJaime Ray3 måneder siden
  • 2 of the happiest dogs evah

    Kevin McGannKevin McGann3 måneder siden
  • whose here for the beats?

    mdpelon1mdpelon13 måneder siden
  • should have a helmet camera or something better to keep both hands on the steering wheel

    Dan CurrierDan Currier3 måneder siden
  • That guy at the end has a great moustache voice

    Andreas VedelerAndreas Vedeler4 måneder siden
  • Looks cold out there from the drone.

    Dale PremoDale Premo4 måneder siden
  • Q

    Hailee SalesHailee Sales4 måneder siden
  • I remember the video when you went up that mountain, it was a stunning view. The snow covered peaks were beautiful and Cody snuggled up in your coat.I would love to see it again.

    Rich LacombeRich Lacombe4 måneder siden
  • adorable doggies!

    SesquihoralSesquihoral4 måneder siden
  • 👍 👌

    Ionut GeantaIonut Geanta4 måneder siden
  • It looks fabulous, great fun but i hate the stuff, im not a lover of winter, its ok when your young. Have fun 🇦🇺

    Geoffrey W. BleeGeoffrey W. Blee4 måneder siden
  • Why does it sound like the RPM Level is to Low on your Mower. You would be able to cut more with High RPM & Sharper Blades. Also You should have A Shatter Proof Front Door on that Bob Cat.

    John BlahaJohn Blaha4 måneder siden

    Brian McCarthyBrian McCarthy4 måneder siden
  • Picked 2 sleds and a trailer, 1999 Polaris Indy Trail and 2005 Polaris XC SP 600, Trail needed a fuel pump. Sp 600 a new track, All in was $5500 with cost of repairs. Just no snow. Very nice trails you have there.

    Brian PercivalBrian Percival4 måneder siden
  • Beautiful shots of the Hudson Valley....70 minutes from the zoo NYC

    Zooboo BlotskyZooboo Blotsky4 måneder siden
  • NY state, especially central and the Adirondack region, are perfect for snowmobiling. A good mix of hills and flat runs, forests and fields, and some lakes at higher elevations that freeze over consistently and at a safe thickness, so the view never gets boring. Going full speed across a frozen lake is exhilarating.

    NothingNothing4 måneder siden
  • Пёс последние года свои доживает )) с такой заботой к собаке респект тебе

    Дед ЛешийДед Леший4 måneder siden
  • Nice video set in the wintertime!

    RS 1990RS 19904 måneder siden
  • 6:41 how does a tree grow like that

    The Dark GamerThe Dark Gamer4 måneder siden
  • You tube pays this man good wow.

    undisputed roofer and more.undisputed roofer and more.4 måneder siden
  • that snow cat reminds me of The Shining

    Mr. CleanMr. Clean4 måneder siden
  • is he guiding the drone from a hand held control? or how's he connected to the camera for those driving shots?

    Mr. CleanMr. Clean4 måneder siden
  • that dog loves to run

    Mr. CleanMr. Clean4 måneder siden
  • Make a vid showing all of your equipment

    Mason HockenberryMason Hockenberry4 måneder siden
  • Cody is wired different. he’s the energizer Lab

    William HudsonWilliam Hudson4 måneder siden
  • Your dogs sure are living their best life.

    Big AlBig Al4 måneder siden
  • 😎😎

    RabsoRabso4 måneder siden
  • Levi needs a waterproof warm coat. He will be feeling the cold and his joints will be painful.

    Colin RileyColin Riley4 måneder siden
  • I love your relationship with your pups! God Bless you Brother!

    Tony MacTony Mac4 måneder siden
  • Can you post the link of your brush cutter

    Darey GalvanDarey Galvan4 måneder siden
    • @Andrew Camarata thank you so much

      Darey GalvanDarey Galvan4 måneder siden

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata4 måneder siden
  • So much space, man. What an immensity. This is upper state New York, right? Colorado, Montana, Wyoming ... I don't even want to imagine.

    Punk CookingPunk Cooking4 måneder siden
  • Love the videos, and the dogs. Thanks for sharing...

    Andy SukosdAndy Sukosd4 måneder siden
  • I hate how fast doggy’s get old

    Jose ZamoraJose Zamora5 måneder siden
  • Levi needs a blanket. it gets cold sitting. the arthritis is Levi's hips will get stiffer when cold. make sure he has a warm blanket or 2. what painmeds is he on?? nice you take them.

    Woods LisaWoods Lisa5 måneder siden
  • There's something I've discovered I would like to share. As a Canehdian I noticed that there are many people tuning into your channel and I know a few people off the top of my head that watch this channel religiously, including my boss! One even bought a Kubota recently. I've even made new friends because I recognized a tool someone had and they got it cause Andrew recommended it.

    ShmangShmang5 måneder siden
    • @Andrew Camarata The Camarata Effect.

      ShmangShmang5 måneder siden
    • That is fun.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata5 måneder siden
  • My guess is at the end of the day Kody sleeps like a log ... boundless energy.

    David GreeningDavid Greening5 måneder siden
  • Always a good day when you see Cody and Levi living the good life. It’s an even better day watching an Andrew video and getting an Andrew ad for the beak attachment. Extra two minutes of Andrew. 👍

    Jason HJason H5 måneder siden
  • Poor Levi was like hey im falling out over here lol.. I can see a video coming on how to build a dog sled out of steel so it will last forever!

    Bryan MarshBryan Marsh5 måneder siden
  • I like this video so much. The fact you have four seasons is great. I am a pet lover and watching your pets enjoy the time out with the sled and snowmobile was way over the top and so awesome Gods gift to mankind. Mans best friends. You are living life the best you can. Thank you for sharing!

    Clayton FiteClayton Fite5 måneder siden
  • Hey Andrew, if you were to build that truck you have that model for, would you use electric motors or like a i6 diesel or something.

    Garrett BGarrett B5 måneder siden
  • if you want to sell your black dump truck i wood like to have it

    Darrell BlairDarrell Blair5 måneder siden
    • Never selling that. Those trucks are easy to find though.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata5 måneder siden
  • Great video as usual. Cody looks happy & very healthy. Levi looks to being a stay at home puppy now. He sure is a good dog. Thanks for posting Andrew.

    Robert JenningsRobert Jennings5 måneder siden
  • Can’t wait to see the video on your new skid steers!

    DantasticDantastic5 måneder siden
  • as much that you like messing around with metal why don’t you get you plasma table start cutting out your own stuff

    Otis MillerOtis Miller5 måneder siden
  • Levi fan club thumbs up to join

    Solo Rat Rod GarageSolo Rat Rod Garage5 måneder siden
  • Everything about this video is beautiful. The dogs the great friends who work and play together the beauty of the mountains covered in snow and the mist covering everything. Just beautiful.

    Daniel EBR ParishDaniel EBR Parish5 måneder siden

    Anne LangAnne Lang5 måneder siden
  • It's a beautiful place there with that snow ❄️❄️❄️🌨️ it..!!!

    Arturo MaldonadoArturo Maldonado5 måneder siden
  • I feel Levis pain. I just said good by to the last of my 3 labs. Levi needs a Help em Up Harness and some hemp oil. You won't be sorry you did. I almost forgot how much energy young dogs have. It brought back fond memories. My wife and I hiked a few fire towers in the Catskills 2 years ago, beautiful. I like your channel, super drone footage! -jm

    John MurphyJohn Murphy5 måneder siden

    mlhm5mlhm55 måneder siden
  • What drone is that?

    Robert HoneycuttRobert Honeycutt5 måneder siden
  • The doggie sled was the sweetest thing ever.

    Valorie CValorie C5 måneder siden
  • Andy, do a video on that Chevy Suburban that you just drove past out there. Take that back to your shop and get that running and get it fixed up.

    Kerry WareKerry Ware5 måneder siden
  • Poor levi. I think his joints aren't playing well with the cold.

    Matthew CusanelliMatthew Cusanelli5 måneder siden
  • Супер 👍🏻

    Мурат ПалвановМурат Палванов5 måneder siden
  • What is the brand of that blue grease

    Logan CarsonLogan Carson5 måneder siden
  • Can we see more trac loader videos

    Minty ProductionsMinty Productions5 måneder siden
  • What gets me is that Andrew, you work hard and hopefully make a good living and leave a positive mark on society. You see what your labors provide...bridges, excavating, etc. You should very proud of your accomplishments. Compare this to society’s leeches (bankers, wall street parasites, and other ‘service’ professionals) who undoubtedly accumulate more wealth leave no positive mark on society. People like you are who i look up to as truly positive citizens of our brother is exactly like you. Those other ‘useless idiots’, they are nothings and just flim flam fools!

    Tony LiretteTony Lirette5 måneder siden
  • Bro where is next video

    dk 0770dk 07705 måneder siden
  • Oh my gosh, the energy on that dog is insane. Also, what 360 camera are you using?

    AKSoapy29AKSoapy295 måneder siden
  • Hey Andy what kinda camera are you using to make the snowmobile trail shots

    Hans HardtHans Hardt5 måneder siden
    • Gopro 9 or gopro 360°

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata5 måneder siden
  • Levi had the best seat in the house

    Karl WaltonKarl Walton5 måneder siden
  • Never been able to say" look at the view I just made."

    Greg BoyleGreg Boyle5 måneder siden
  • I’m starting to think most of your subscribers are here to watch your dogs

    Cant StandyaCant Standya5 måneder siden
  • Poor Levi looks like his back right leg is bothering him...he'll be laying by the fire later I imagine.

    Frank CurleyFrank Curley5 måneder siden
  • I subscribe to another channel called by Dr. Michael Greger. He posts the latest scientific studies on health every week. He is well known in the world of plant based eating. Today his video is called something like “Immunity against cancer by Forest Bathing”. Andrew’s video is all about forest bathing. Check out today’s (January 13th) video on his NOcds channel. Andrew, my son has two labs almost identical to yours and loves them just as much. He is a fixer of all things like you. I so enjoy watching your channel.

    Lynn RumseyLynn Rumsey5 måneder siden
  • Did you ever make a video of you making a new tailgate for your dump truck or am I think of someone else? I think the video I saw was like 25 mins long. I'm sure it was you but I cant find it anywhere.

    Atomic BoomstickAtomic Boomstick5 måneder siden
  • Wait you did

    KenKen5 måneder siden
  • I’m surprised you didn’t take one of your skid steers with you

    KenKen5 måneder siden
  • Thanks for the videos. But you have become the king of youtube ads. Not even possible to watch the video!!

    Tim de LangeTim de Lange5 måneder siden
    • Quit whining at least we have some good content to watch

      Garrett BGarrett B5 måneder siden
    • Spend the pennies on premium,.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata5 måneder siden
  • just has to win!

    KennyDKennyD5 måneder siden
  • Absolutely loved the tracked tank snow plow at the end, I’d like to have seen more about it and it’s functions. 👍🏻 Great Vid 😎

    Eagle EyesEagle Eyes5 måneder siden
  • What breed of pup is that?

    tbonez858tbonez8585 måneder siden
    • American Lab.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata5 måneder siden
  • OMG the puppy

    BrettBrett5 måneder siden
  • You're a man's man Mr Camerata! Nice to see Upstate New York from someone else's point of view. Much love from the Hudson Valley !

    Pablo MedinaPablo Medina5 måneder siden
  • Andrew you are going to give Cody a heart attack from exhaustion from all that running. Breaks my heart to see Levi getting old, hurting and a lot less capable.

    Denis LacroixDenis Lacroix5 måneder siden
  • Hi Andrew love your videos my friend get excited when I get a notification that you have another video up. I was just wondering, do you have any plans to start work on the inside of your container castle 🏰 for example framing the walls, putting up plasterboard maybe right up the tower??? Just wondering but I love the castle so much thanks for all the entertainment take care and stay safe 👍

    1987Scotty1987Scotty5 måneder siden
  • Not the best clip....

    Wilhelmus HoffmannWilhelmus Hoffmann5 måneder siden
  • Question for you Andrew, maybe you have commented on this before. Is there any benefit in making a plate with skid steer quick hitch connections on one side and "ears" on the back side to connect it to an excavator? This way you could use a grapples, fork lifts, brooms, wide buckets, etc. on the excavator as well.

    Karl SchwalbKarl Schwalb5 måneder siden
  • Hello I come from vietnam, I want to show you the self-made Vietnamese farmers' excavators, where there are many difficulties in our country

    máy xúc chế TVmáy xúc chế TV5 måneder siden
  • Any difference on the brush hog if you did this in the fall/winter ? Easier to mulch, easier on the machine/blade ? Or not really

    Dylan WalshDylan Walsh5 måneder siden
  • Tim from Canada this is what I don’t understand you were the guy that is on here and fix everything but you spend $1.50 American to build that a booking for your snowmobile you should’ve spent some money made yourself a real sled for your snowmobile. Maybe this will be something you can work on

    TIm NashTIm Nash5 måneder siden