Track loader repairs

Working on a 1960's Caterpillar 955h crawler loader:
0:00 bring in garage
1:29 New top roller
4:57 Remove exhaust elbow
14:13 new seat
22:05 Install new exhaust elbow
23:45 Demonstrate bad starter
25:20 Install muffler
27:18 remove starter to get rebuilt
31:46 Demonstrate roller not turning
33:11 Engine oil change
35:35 digging in shale
45:41 Make exhaust gasket
49:10 more digging, also using a Ex100 excavator, Cat 950 wheel loader, and Takeuchi TL12 compact track loader
Ebay roller listing: (the winning bidder refused to pay)




  • tracks with cleats would help

    ampar wingateampar wingate19 timer siden
  • I'm up to ten minute mark and thinking...he gonna have to buy a new turbo. That old rusty unit is just gonna be toast.

    Ed MedlinEd MedlinDag siden
  • better to get a weld on the turbo bolts and let the weld shrink the bolt as it cools

    RussRuss2 dager siden
  • Uh uh oh

    Jakiya ChesamJakiya Chesam2 dager siden
  • asbestis packing on gland

    anthony john ramseyanthony john ramsey3 dager siden
  • tracks look warn

    anthony john ramseyanthony john ramsey3 dager siden
  • Does Andrew ever get angry? "I gotta stop breaking stuff and some point because..."

    Manny From MiamiManny From Miami4 dager siden
  • U really need a sand blasting machine and a huge warehouse to put all your tractors so u keep them out the weather so no more rust and huge repairs

    Maria HernandezMaria Hernandez4 dager siden
  • “That’s a pretty nice rock right there”

    Daquan DarellDaquan Darell6 dager siden
  • "Gotta stop breaking stuff at some point ... " LMAO

    Ronald J TriumphRonald J Triumph7 dager siden
  • 😂🦋

    Jose FernandezJose Fernandez7 dager siden
  • have you ever checked to see if there are any fossils in that shalerock?

    justcallme_pwjustcallme_pw8 dager siden
  • 6:55

    FUNNY GUYFUNNY GUY9 dager siden
  • Just figured out you are pretty local to me. I am in Lake K. I'm looking to buy a older International track loader for rural retirement property development. I have an older Dynahoe 140 as well and a David Brown 990. Going through the same learning curve on all of this. I appreciate the starter/alt contact.

    Third Day MinistriesThird Day Ministries9 dager siden
    • Thanks. Yeah, that is close.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata9 dager siden
  • You forgot a wire . I told you so

    Sheldon LionelSheldon Lionel9 dager siden
  • 23:02 - impressive! I didn't know that trick. This will be useful!

    Xaltotun GreatXaltotun Great9 dager siden
  • Power wash the machine before starting work on the tracks ffs!!!

    Paul KearneyPaul Kearney10 dager siden
  • Greetings: From an ex LI NYker. Now LA resident, it is the better cold I escaped from. As a retired maintenance. engr. I appreciate someone doing their own repairs when practical and with all the parts and tools at your disposal. Then I get to watch you play with the big-boy Tonka toys. I have not determined if you are in the Catskill or the Adirondack (I used to be a Boy Scout camper in the Livingston Manor area. The hiking and camp food are missing perks. Ely & Cody are very cool. (Are those tumors on Ely`s hindquarters - hopefully you watch out for him?) Both dogs seem to know when to back away from danger. Your work garage seems kinda comfy, but you don`t tell much about your personal situation; okay by me. Hope the Covid-19 has passed you by, I got my vaccine. Thank you for including us on your daily errands and very good camera positioning. I like to watch the flapper atop the exhaust pipe.

    James M DeLucaJames M DeLuca12 dager siden
  • *Sells frozen up track roller for 15k*

    Caleb BarberCaleb Barber13 dager siden
  • Fixes track loader, proceeds to move mountain from one part of the property to another.

    Ben GermanBen German15 dager siden
  • The clever guarantee lastly fill because swan fortuitously ski an a elderly cartoon. piquant, acrid acknowledgment

    David WalschDavid Walsch15 dager siden
  • Muito bom. Aí trabalha, o melhor aí sabe trabalhar 🙂👍

    fabiano kuhnfabiano kuhn15 dager siden
  • Poor Levi he looks like hes in so much pain. 😭

    Nailed it by Monica monicaNailed it by Monica monica16 dager siden
  • Always hit old nuts & bolts with WD40 first.

    rick wendlingrick wendling16 dager siden
  • los perritos re juguetones jejje

    laureano almeidalaureano almeida16 dager siden
  • Muito bom trabalho . Mais um escrito.valeu

    Valdir AlvesValdir Alves16 dager siden
  • "I gotta stop breaking stuff... at some point" 9:15 lmao

    insomniscientinsomniscient16 dager siden
  • I would flush the tank before putting a new filter and new oil, it was so dirty.

    Pk FanPk Fan17 dager siden
  • Trabaja muy bien. Mucho conocimiento. Saludos desde Costa Rica.

    Luis Fernando RodríguezLuis Fernando Rodríguez17 dager siden
  • Both track chains are on backwards, pin and bush should be at the back of the link when on the ground. Will chew out the pins and bushings in no time that way round.

    ross grayross gray17 dager siden
  • We got a case 150b track loader just like that and it’s a pain in the butt trying to find the parts they don’t make anymore like counter waits but we found some at Walmart and amazon 😆

    Weston WillardWeston Willard18 dager siden
  • Andrew is like a machine. He doesn't stop working.

    J ArmstrongJ Armstrong20 dager siden
  • The gophers down the hill from Andrew are going "ah come, that's the third time this month he's buried our front door!! Great video though.

    Colin GrahamColin Graham23 dager siden
  • 9:17 "I got to stop breaking stuff at some point .. because ..." Yes Andrew? :D Why? :D

    Ulli MUlli M23 dager siden
  • Making more parking space for your fleet of construction equipment with more to come soon , maybe ? Love watching you find deals on equipment you might need or just like to have more than one or more of !

    Eddie Morton Tap ManEddie Morton Tap Man24 dager siden
  • Wow. I go away fir a little while Andrew had almost no ads. Now there’s like 20 Sad.

    Woody WoodlsteinWoody Woodlstein25 dager siden
  • I like that he never says subscribe, he just does his own thing.

    Mason JungiewiczMason Jungiewicz25 dager siden
  • how do you get your parts so fast?

    Tanner PhillipsTanner Phillips26 dager siden
  • How many times have you busted your knuckles? Just curious lol

    Blake StricklerBlake Strickler27 dager siden
  • Does he respond

    Timothy GilbertTimothy Gilbert29 dager siden
    • Me? I do.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew Camarata29 dager siden
  • Qué restauración más chaspurria.

    julio hernandezjulio hernandez29 dager siden
  • Thanks for sharing!

    Alexei TetenovAlexei TetenovMåned siden
  • any plans to buy a road grader or you got one?? love ur channel. greeting from CR.

    René VideaRené VideaMåned siden
  • Memo to self - A bigger bucket next oil change on the Track Loader. lol

    mc seemc seeMåned siden
  • owwhhh myyy gaawdddd hillbilly mechanics... blowtourch on turbo.... chizel on turbo and to complete the disaster :drilling out and cutting up the damaged threads (sharp shavings fall into the turbo. ) Good luck with that

    bigliftmbigliftmMåned siden
  • My dad taught me ohh about 35years ago, if your digging into a bank and it's hard as rock. Just side it, catch it with the side of the blade till you break up the surface. Then dig like crazy and have fun!👍

    RichardRichardMåned siden
  • Andrews next project, remove a mountain, build a big shed for all my equipment.

    Henry BagwellHenry BagwellMåned siden
  • What are going to do with these two containers?

    Nabil SamahNabil SamahMåned siden
  • “Great present for a 6 year old…he can roll it around his room” Lolol

    GRWGRWMåned siden
  • get the rain cap om you muffler !!! if rain or snow gets in and melts will and can take out your engine 37 years as a diesel tech and have seek skiders loose their engines

    Dale CharbonneauDale CharbonneauMåned siden
  • Thats what I appreciate about you, Andrew, you're never afraid to get out the torch.

    TrueResonanceTrueResonanceMåned siden
  • If there wasn't anything needlessly destroyed did I even watch an Andrew Camarata video?

    Darin CooperDarin CooperMåned siden
  • for some of your repairs and before installing new parts!......grinding of rusted surfaces you really really need a fairly decent BELT GRINDER AND a good one too. god bless all

    majid chemrimajid chemriMåned siden
  • Me encanta la casa que construyó co vatios contenedores quedó genial

    Willi CorreaWilli CorreaMåned siden
  • Porque hay tanto árbol seco en los terrenos que Ud frecuenta willi correa desde Cartago valle Colombia lo veo SIEMPRE y admiro mucho su trabajo

    Willi CorreaWilli CorreaMåned siden
  • Love the success at 35:00! Just need some o-ill

    Hickory DragonHickory DragonMåned siden
  • You make me crazy 🙉 You never fix anything 1/2 Ass You always fix it right the first time no short cuts Your Amazing. !!!! 🥂 🐕

    Ron McmahonRon McmahonMåned siden
  • Lmfao Andrew got a snap, listen at 17:44

    JJ MazzaJJ MazzaMåned siden
  • Brilliant video again that roller is a joke I wonder when u hammered it in was it butting up against its housing just a thought that would drive me mad ha

    James PhelanJames PhelanMåned siden
  • @20:35 Ahhh! My eyes!

    Kemontae FisherKemontae FisherMåned siden
  • How has the Camarata footprint increased from the start to now?

    Gene SmithGene SmithMåned siden
  • I hope you know your living my dream life rn

    Blayk RichardsonBlayk RichardsonMåned siden
  • شغل مرتب وفنان ليتني عندك 🙋‍♂️

    محمد الزهرانيمحمد الزهرانيMåned siden
  • 🤙🤙🤙

    محمد الزهرانيمحمد الزهرانيMåned siden
  • All maintenance you do are worthless,,, I feel bad for you why don’t you clean the machines or any thing before you work on it ???!!

    Saad al-shammriSaad al-shammriMåned siden
  • oh its on fire, that's nice .....😁

    Davidnumber23Davidnumber23Måned siden
  • I've enjoyed your channel very much,,, super impressed with what you do...just wondering why you did not paint the seat frame...

    DrMGomezJrDrMGomezJrMåned siden
  • Them old cats you should let it idle down before shutting them off but she looks like she has been put away wet a couple of times

    David KojisDavid KojisMåned siden
  • When you heat a bolt to remove it,let it cool before you start to turn it, and when it's still fairly hot, put the wd40 to it.youll save a lot more bolts.😎 doing good over there...

    RodRodMåned siden
  • Surprised you didn't just get someone in OR do it to ur self and blast that hill out with a controlled charge Andrew good work though awesome as always mate

    Daniel ClarkDaniel ClarkMåned siden
  • Is craigslist dead in your area now too? I used to find so much on CL but now everyone seems to use FB marketplace and it's impossible to search, it's totally hit or miss.

    Steve JohnsonSteve JohnsonMåned siden
  • heating the bolt expands it, makes it impossible to remove... and makes the bolt weak. It HAS to break. Heat the surround, will often help...

    Michael HartleyMichael HartleyMåned siden
  • show 👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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  • Won’t see me here anymore to many comericals

    Kenneth RaderKenneth RaderMåned siden
  • paint brush restored

    Want a review on something from Amazon let me knowWant a review on something from Amazon let me knowMåned siden
  • Andrew at his best - fixing stuff and digging stuff up.

    Tom KI6ASPTom KI6ASPMåned siden
  • Put new injector tips in Andrew. You are underpowered... From South Africa...... Tracks is not spinning under load as it should... Its not good for the transmission.

    Carel du PreezCarel du PreezMåned siden
  • This has been a real fun video tk watch. You did a variety of things.

    Keith HillKeith HillMåned siden
  • 00:32:45 LOL

    Azmi M.Azmi M.Måned siden
  • Nice video, bud the cat looks nicer whit yellow paint.

    schottelboot gm detroit dieselschottelboot gm detroit dieselMåned siden
  • Have got your own fuel tank you have lots of machines so I assume you get fule delivered to your own tank so you can top up you machines when ever you need

    Gary PollentineGary PollentineMåned siden
  • Someone's broke the loader off this machine

    brian93istbrian93istMåned siden
  • Old roller sold for 15200$

    javegisjavegisMåned siden
    • Guy didn’t pay

      Andrew CamarataAndrew CamarataMåned siden
  • try free all it makes pb blaster look like water and it real good for cutting oil

    Larry LittlefieldLarry LittlefieldMåned siden
  • good video, once the tracks are on the right way ,a good machine.I was thinking of getting a 955, nice coat of cat yellow needed.

    james bolemjames bolemMåned siden
  • Заебись!

    NekotNekotMåned siden
  • The welder are Basic AC WELDERS , cheap home do it welder, like Lincoln, Sears,

    Donald MendsDonald MendsMåned siden
  • Last year I welded a new cutting bit on wheel loader bucket using AC Welder using 6020 Rod had no problem welding.

    Donald MendsDonald MendsMåned siden
  • Have comment for. Jesse, about welding 6018 with AC Welder. My Cousin who is self tough Welder with lots experience in welding, use AC Welder all the time, plus this day age welding Rods designed to weld with AC welders. I believe his welder is AC Sears welder. He welds fantastic. With it.

    Donald MendsDonald MendsMåned siden
  • Andrew I believe you and your Friend Jesse are unbelievable mechanical skills, but your Equipment experience are very rough, especially your Excavator skills , no buddy no buddy swing a Loaded Bucket over a cab of a truck, can yo imagine you sitting in a cab of a truck and some one swing shit over your head, it's disaster waiting to happen. Your work ethic unbelievable, diehard workers. Just hate to see someone get hurt. My I have over 40 years of Equipment experience. Keep up the great videos.

    Donald MendsDonald MendsMåned siden
  • Yep anti-seize is your best friend

    Frank HossackFrank HossackMåned siden
  • Man this guy has been putting out quality content for ages. Makes me want to create my own castle in the wilderness. Should I try it?

    Rad RestorationsRad RestorationsMåned siden
    • Just watch a few of my videos on that building and copy it. It is a simple design.

      Andrew CamarataAndrew CamarataMåned siden
    • The “Camarata Castle”

      reedboy217reedboy217Måned siden
    • Andrew, you should get the schematics of your home build and patent it. You could sell it and make millions.

      reedboy217reedboy217Måned siden

      XanDiegoXanDiegoMåned siden
    • Try it out

      phillip mikrotphillip mikrotMåned siden
  • Andrew should seriously considor printing Tshirts with his beautiful words of wisdom

    Fake-Ass NameFake-Ass NameMåned siden
  • For new/NOS rollers like that, it's probably a good idea to running it back and forth with a chain/band-wrench until it's loosened up before installing the track. If you can barely move it with your hands, the track isn't going to have much more of a grip on it.

    H3R3T1CH3R3T1CMåned siden
  • As wonky and inefficient as it may be due to friction and tolerance-stacking, the way that loader is set up rubs me in all the right ways. I've always loved complex-cantilever mechanisms. It sorta reminds me of the lift mechanisms on the old-school Earth-Movers/Scrapers my father used to take me out to watch as a child. At my childhood home, there was a massive construction site right across the street. My father built me a sandbox right out in the front-yard, so I could watch the real deal while I was playing with my toys. This was in the late-'80s, which is what I consider to be at the upper-limit of the "Golden-Age" of construction equipment. All of the equipment they used were Cats from the '50s, '60s and '70s. With old equipment (I'll go with Cranes for the sake of the argument), you could find the limits by letting the machine start to tip just a little bit. With modern equipment, if you try to do that, you'll break the machine long before it starts tipping. This is not because they've gotten better at keeping them from tipping. It's because older equipment was over-built, mostly due to the fact that they didn't have computer-analysis to establish the specific working stresses. Newer equipment is under-built, because they know exactly how much stress it's going to see and where, and they play a game of meeting bare-minimum-standards. In the world of modern Cranes, there's no such thing as redundancy. The rating on the crane is the *maximum* it can handle without breaking. It's not a "suggestion" anymore. These days, the proper SOP for moving a 10 ton hot-tub over a house is to bring a 90 tonner, because a 90 ton crane will only pick up 90 tons under *ideal* situations (and ideal situations don't exist). Trying to use a modern 10 ton (or even 15-30 ton) crane for a 10 ton hot-tub would only lead to a disaster.

    H3R3T1CH3R3T1CMåned siden
  • Dam you not only can you repair that big heavy equipment but run anything as well that's cool

    Scott KernanScott KernanMåned siden
  • OK, I think he made some bitcoin loot. Good investing, BTW. So many machines it's a construction company.

    Shakdi DagalimalShakdi DagalimalMåned siden
  • Engine cover needs a chain hoist to lift it off and on. *IT'S A MONSTER MACHINE*

    Shakdi DagalimalShakdi DagalimalMåned siden
  • Is the roller still for sale? I see that the winning bidder refused to pay.

    DasdfjklDasdfjklMåned siden
  • nice loader

    Pople BackyardFarmPople BackyardFarmMåned siden